When it comes to managing my growing portfolio of domain names, I recommend and personally use GoDaddy. They’ve come quite a long way since 1997.

Some will argue that they still have a ways to go in certain UI/UX areas. I’ve been with GoDaddy for as long as I can remember.

One reason GoDaddy is my primary choice for web hosting is because of the discounts I receive for owning the number of domains I do and being a Discount Domain Club member.

This paid annual membership allows me to purchase domains at a discounted rate than the average person on the street, saving anywhere from $4-5 per domain name.

It also allows me to participate in buying and selling domains via GoDaddy Auctions.

And because I own quite a large and growing portfolio, my GoDaddy account is considered a VIP account.

This affords me an assigned VIP Account Executive to bypass GoDaddy’s traditional technical support should I need to in the event of an emergency or just ask a general question/comment.

Knowing all of this, when I want to experiment with flipping and developing geo service domain names, I can use GoDaddy Auctions for premium auction listing and develop websites using their Shared, WordPress, and VPS web hosting services.

Why and when I use GoDaddy’s Shared Hosting.

When I initially develop geo service domains, I typically start with GoDaddy’s Deluxe or Ultimate Web Hosting package.

I personally like going with the Ultimate Web Hosting package when it comes to shared hosting websites.

Either package allows me to test the waters by quickly building out static web pages or websites like KyleSprinklerRepair.com, or websites like RoundRockHouseCleaning.com (an example – nothing spectacular – geo service domain website using WordPress) that use content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

I prefer to use WordPress for my geo service domain websites because it’s quite easy to manage and operate, and there are many themes to choose from.

Now you might be wondering or saying to yourself but you haven’t mentioned technical requirements such as speed, storage, bandwidth, processing power and memory, or anything else.

In most cases, geo service domain websites are not going to use the same amount of technical resources that a Facebook, news website, or highly trafficked website would.

I opt for shared hosting to test my theory with geo-service domains before I break the bank.  This is quite cost-efficient, to say the least.

I host as many geo-service domain websites as I can from one hosting account to save money instead of having a hosting account for each domain.

In fact, I’ve hosted up to 70 odd, different geo domain websites from one server before in a test phase.

I emphasize the test phase because I will move or upgrade a geo domains web hosting service based on how well it ranks within Google.

If I can get to page one, I will typically move that specific website to its own hosting package account.

This allows me to dedicate a unique IP address to the website, which is important long-term for search ranking.

Why and when I use GoDaddy WordPress Hosting.

Now, if a website that operates WordPress needs more technical resources, I opt for GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting, specifically the Developer package.

This package allows for up to 5 WordPress websites and is an easy one-button push install.

Now if all else fails for me, which it hasn’t, my next option for an upgrade would be to use WPEngine or GoDaddy’s Virtual Private Server or VPS web hosting.

I try to stay away from VPS because of the technical upkeep, whether I perform monthly maintenance myself or pay for monthly management add-on service.

VPS’ Technical management can be quite expensive, to say the least.  Fully managed VPS services, such InMotion Hosting‘s included advanced VPS management care, remove the technical guessing and headache of you having to worry about whether you’re secure and up to date.

This is not to say that VPS is not worth it.  It has its place.  I think it’s not worth looking at until you amass 15K or more in monthly web visitors.

But should you experience substantial month-over-month web traffic growth, I would recommend VPS long before you hit the 15K.  You don’t want to lose visitors because your site is too slow.

Nevertheless, most of the geo service domains I flip and, more specifically, develop are of nominal size and likely receive no more than 200-300 unique visits a day (at most) once they are ranked on page one of Google.

Why I choose to partner with GoDaddy.

So, let’s recap quickly. I use GoDaddy as my primary web hosting because of the following:

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I tend to use Ultimate Web Hosting Linux packages (currently have 6 packages but hosting approximately 300 domains spread across packages) to host geo service domains and other web projects.

I tend to allow geo service domains to remain in shared hosting until I am able to consistently rank the website on page one of Google, sell the domain OR sell the website OR lease the website to a business.

If ranking on page one of Google and leasing the website to a business, then I move the website to another web host provider.

As I find different geo domain services to flip and develop, I simply wash, rinse and repeat using GoDaddy services.

Okay, that’s enough about GoDaddy for a day.

Stay tuned, and find out who I use as my secondary web hosting provider to host developed geo service domains as websites.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.