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Before you waste your time reading this page and the various advertising options made available, let me be clear that you understand and qualify the traffic you’re likely to receive from

Who visits

This blog receives a considerable amount of traffic from the following sources:

  • search engines
  • direct visitation
  • domain redirects
  • email newsletter
  • social media mentions and shares

Most visitors are one of the following:

  • Domain Investor (Full / Part Time)
  • Domain News Professional
  • Small Business Owner
  • Blogger

List Domain Names for Sale

Yes, this blog can help boost domain name exposure by having it included in the daily auctions listing.

Daily auctions ending listing links are promoted both on Facebook and Twitter, and each day’s summary is emailed at 10am CST Mondays thru Saturdays.

Below are the following list of domain name sale options and their respective values:

Daily Auctions Ending – $3 per day

See example daily auction ending posts here.

This is a list of domain auctions ending for a specific day. This domain differs from the list below because I provide insight as to why you should or should not purchase undervalued domains (per my opinion) that are listed. I can do the same for your domain should it be approved to make the list.

Domain Gems or Friday’s Bag Ole’ Domains – $5 per day

See example of Domain Gems or Friday’s Bag Ole’ Domains posts here.

This list of domains are buy-it-now or closeout domains. There is no commentary or insight given to these undervalued domain listings. You’ll have to research for yourself and guess why I chose each. What makes this list quite popular with weekly visitors is that it also lists geo service domains that are available for hand registration.

Save 25% with both lists same day (Friday’s only) – $7 daily

For those of you wanting a bigger bang-for-your-buck domain listing, then this option is the best option.

But before you submit your names using the contact form, please read and adhere to the next section when submitting your domain name(s) for listing review.

What types of domain names are favorable listings?

Here’s the catch about listing domain names for sale with using our daily domain auction ending lists:

I’m at liberty to approve and decline submitted listings without reason. I’m also at liberty to write an opinionated description about each domain submission, as much or as little as I see fit.

I tend to look for 1-, 2- and 3-word .com and .net keyword and geo service domains. Although, I will review 4-word domain listing submissions (but it BETTER be off the charts GOOD!).

In addition, I will review 1-6N and 4-5L .com and .net domains.

This is not to say that other extensions will not be reviewed or accepted, but the above criteria is what I tend to be biased towards when reviewing and accepting domain listings.

Please note that you will be required to show proof of domain ownership before domain is listed. Yes, I do check the history of each domain submission (see below in next section).

How to submit domain names for listing review

Please adhere to and following the instructions below to ensure a timely review of your domain listing(s):

  • Send an email to advertise [at]
  • Include your first and last name
  • Use the email address associated with lookup
  • Set the subject to “Domain Listing Review”
  • Include the domain name(s) in the body and days you would like to be listed (e.g., 1/1/2013 – 1/7/2013,  and 1/9/2013)
  • Include an email address for where to email invoice
  • Include any thoughts you might have (I’m not obligated nor promising to use any suggestions or recommendations)

Payment Options

An invoice will be emailed and MUST be paid in full BEFORE listing(s) are included. Payment for the domain listing agreement can be made via credit card or PayPal.

Paid Insertions & Sponsorships

Although there are a number of posts whereby I highlight companies and their domain usage, all of the companies highlighted are mentioned and review at my discretion. does not offer paid / sponsored articles.

Header and Sidebar Banners / Text Links

Currently, DOES NOT offer paid header and sidebar text links or banners.

If you think you can get me to change my mind on this advertising option, then by all means email your best offer and explain why I should allow your company such an advertising opportunity.