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What an emoji domain interview I have in store for you today!

Attending NamesCon this year afforded me an opportunity to meet and engage a number of individuals and companies in very insightful conversations.

One of these chance meetings was with Jon Roig and Matan Israeli together. Both names likely sound familiar if you watched their interview debut by Mike Cyger on Domain Sherpa: Why Emoji Domains May Take Over the World.

Of course, the episode catapulted both gents and emoji domains into prime spotlight nothing short of a rocket ship ride that appears to be picking up additional steam almost a year later.

That said, I thought I would capitalize on being in the same space with the gents at NamesCon. Continue reading

Love was in the air, and so was the news that DNForum had been sold as reported Feb. 14th (Valentine’s Day) by DomainGang.com. ❤  Breaking news to all, DNForum terms of agreement and buyer’s identity were protected by a non-disclosure.

But as it stands today, you’ve likely heard proverbial “shots fired” pertaining to DNForum’s resurfacing due to industry blogs sharing the identity of the new DNForum management team.

And based on my reading comments from various folks across industry blogs, the love that was in the air has some singing that the thrill has come and gone, never to return again. 💔

There are no shortage on thoughts and feelings at it pertains to the resurfacing of DNForum and involved parties. It’s truly the good, the bad, and ugly, and it’s more talk than just domains going on. Continue reading

Traversing the domain industry to find your place under the sun can be quite challenging, especially when your a newcomer.

There are many casualties and carcasses along the domaining journey to learn from or join. YIKES! 😳

One doesn’t have to blindly throw money down the drain purchasing ill-advised domains.

In fact, you’re likely better off attending a few conferences and touching base with experienced domainers BEFORE  spending a dime on domains.

And speaking of conferences, I recently attended NamesCon 2018. I met with a number of domain investors and industry professionals throughout the conference. Continue reading

Based on emoji domain activity last month and the final few months of 2017, things are shaping up to be an interesting year in 2018 for emoji domains, especially expiring auctions.

Based on current activity, it appears someone or many person(s) are cutting bait and exiting the emoji domain stage based on my most recent expiring emoji domain findings. Continue reading

Rarely do I ever have a chance to venture over to NamePros.com and peruse the site for additional content ideas or the latest breaking news.

Between recording, writing content, handling business affairs for my other 2 businesses, and always prioritizing my family and church into the mix, I’m simply busy and productive from sun up to sun down.

This day was no different than any other day until receiving an email tip referencing a NamePros’ post about the liquidation of 3,000+ brandable domains. Continue reading

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