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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.

About a decade or so ago before Twitter and Facebook were the behemoths they are today, I launched, owned, and operated an emergency and disaster communications website aiming to help displaced folks re-connect to their friends and family in the time of natural or man-made disasters.

Back in those days, I was a one-man shop doing everything from graphic design, web design, coding and programming, database management, SEO, sale and marketing, and everything else under the sun.

One of the many things I learned and perfected was the art of writing customer-centric content that engaged, educated, and entertained the customer while also commanding search ranking results with the help of syndicated content. Continue reading

Last Thursday I wrote about NameJet throwing its hat into the emoji domain ring with its own premium emoji .ws domains.

While checking the auction status NameJet’s premium emoji .ws domains, I noticed there were 27 PreRelease emoji domain auctions nearing their backorder closing time of 10PM CST / 11PM EST.

It’s worth nothing a number of today’s 27 PreRelease emoji domain auctions nearing backorder closing do have RESERVES.

But don’t let that get you down because I discovered the following PreRelease emoji domain auctions with NO RESERVE: Continue reading

The other day I was mining the GoDaddy Auctions Platform in prep of releasing the coming day’s daily auction listing, and stumbled upon a new GoDaddy auction user experience.

For some reason I had not encountered this new interface I’m soon to share with you, but I like what I’m seeing.

Watching a number of domains at any given point throughout a day, I personally use a variety of factors to determine whether or not I’ll decide a domain is undervalued and worth purchasing. Continue reading

If you hang around the domain industry long enough, then you’ll likely discover most domain portfolios often sit priced unrealistically, and collecting more dust than inquiries and sales.

And if researching and drumming up leads, inquiries, and sales for your domain portfolio is not within your wheelhouse, then things aren’t looking up for you, and it’s only a matter of time before you call it quits.

Why you ask? For starters, the glory days of parked domains earning 4 and 5 figures per month have long passed us all by.

And for most domain investors, developing partial or entire domain portfolio is a costly experience nor is development a skill within their wheelhouse.

Then add to this that new domain investors often commit the grave error of obliging the domain buyer’s bug without one thought towards a plan to strategy.

And it isn’t long before a year passes and the domain renewal grinch arrives at the door knocking and expecting prompt payment.

Make no mistake about it! You must identify an option for your domain to generate income to support renewal cost of it and others, and in short order too! But how? Continue reading

It’s hard to believe nearly 6 months has passed since uncovering the United States of America flag emoji (🇺🇸) could no longer be registered via .WS emoji domains.

Since that time, a few ccTLD’s, specifically .to and .ai, have thrown their hats in the ring, allowing emoji domain registrations containing the USA flag.

As it pertains to .ws emoji domains and the USA flag, there are a few grateful holders (including myself) of emoji domains containing the USA flag before the restriction was put in place.

But for persons unable to stake their emoji claim in capturing an emoji domain containing a flag the first time around, then you might want to pay close attention to what I’m about to share. Continue reading

If you haven’t heard to seen, GoDaddy Emoji .WS Domain Auctions have been heating up in the last week with more expiring emoji domain auctions to come.

In fact, 🦐.ws, 🦇.ws, 🦏.ws and 🥔.ws all sold respectively well for emoji domain auctions.

In addition, I watched very competitively bid auction for 🥊.ws. Bidders for the domain auction took bidding to a whole new level throwing bidding blows in the final minutes to get close to the $1,000 auction price tag. Continue reading

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