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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.

It’s the close of yet another productive domain investing week for me (likely you too!), and time to prep for another.

It wasn’t long ago that I reported GoDaddy hosting expiring emoji domain auction lots of nearly 1,200, 650, and 200 in quantity.

Today while reviewing GoDaddy’s emoji domain auctions to expire over the next 7 days, I discovered another tide of emoji domain auctions soon to expire. Continue reading

From week to week, I receive a number and variety of wide-ranging questions and inquiries pertaining to WordPress websites.

I recently received an inquiry in regards to how easy or difficult it is to password protect an entire WordPress website from the general public.

Of course, there are a number of ways to achieve a fully protected and private WordPress website. Continue reading

To kick off the year, NameJet launched another 80+ emoji domain auctions in its Premium .WS Emoji Domain auction, which debuted December 2017.

PreRelease bids were made and ended a few days ago for 9 single .WS emoji domains.

The same emoji domains are now in Public Auction with hours remaining until auctions end. Continue reading

Back to life and back to… wait for it… a blank WordPress website. 😱

That’s not how this song is suppose to go, per Soul II Soul. It’s suppose to be back to life, back to reality.

Nevertheless, this unfortunate, stark reality of a potential customer stating their website loaded a blank white screen came by way of a frantic call a few days ago.

What in the world could and would cause a WordPress website to load with HTTP 200 response, yet load a white screen?

Although there are many things that could cause a WordPress website white or blank screen to be loaded, I’m sharing with you the top 6 items to check. Continue reading

A few weeks ago, you may recall I shared that GoDaddy added “Watcher” data to buy-it-now and closeout expired domain auctions.

No sooner than I shared my finding with the domain community, Andrew Allemann wrote an article expressing his concern and hopes that GoDaddy would NOT add watcher data to entire aftermarket platform.

And what a stirring of emotion both articles tapped into with an outpouring cry of dissatisfaction from the domain community about GoDaddy’s beta testing of such a feature.

😱 Please, GoDaddy, DO NOT add watcher data to aftermarket auction platform! 🙏 Click To Tweet

But one of the comments from Andrew’s article left by Jamie Zoch peaked my interest. Continue reading

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