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Reading Time: 2 minutes

The emoji domain front is likely to catch fire once again in 2019 as 104 new emoji proposals have been submitted to the Unicode Consortium.

From new food and beverages to medical symbols, there is not shortage of expressing ourselves using emoji. Some of the new additions to the emoji family are as follows: Continue reading

Reading Time: 1 minute

There are countless carcasses littering the domain investing journey.

Folks often enter domain investing thinking it’s nothing more than buying domains while sipping mai tai cocktails on a beach.

And if not that image, then the image is that domain investors purchase domains at standard registration fees on Monday and flip them them for 5, 6, and 7 figure sales by Friday.

Very few domain investors do either one of the farfetched lifestyle of domain investing.

In fact, most domain investors are quite diversified across the following domain investing categories: Continue reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Today I’ll share with you one of the best keep secrets to boosting search rankings while lowering a website’s bounce rate.

Often times, websites are launched having a design and architecture of a Tesla while the content marketing and content itself has the power of a moped at most.

I’m often questioned about how to achieve consistent website search rankings across major search engines a few times a week.

From spinning content to private blog networks to paying less-than-stellar content writers for sub-par content, there are many methods to attempt to boost search rankings.

But one thing I’ve discovered across two decades and counting online about consistently ranking websites is that their content does the following: Continue reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Of course, financing domain names is nothing new under the sun. Domain leasing and financing certainly happens each and every week, if not on a daily basis.

It’s not news to read about a person or company leveraging varying financing options to hopefully stake their claim to highly-valued virtual real estate.

The question I pose is whether or not financing of new gTLDs is likely the chasm that separates registries that fail and flop versus those that wildly succeed.  Continue reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you’re not familiar with Moz and it’s Open Site Explorer tool or other tools in their toolbox, then you should hurry to do so.

I’ve used Moz for over a decade and what a journey they’ve had thus far. From managing my own SEO efforts to various search marketing efforts for customers, I’ve grown quite fond of utilizing Moz tools to get the job done.

I was quite surprised today to read in an email from Moz that their Open Site Explorer tool is being sunsetted soon (no date per email or website announcement).

Continue reading

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