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It’s been a little over a month since I attended and shared my NamesCon experience as a first-time attendee.

One of the most talked about presentations from day three of NamesCon was Paul E. Nicks’, GM of GoDaddy, keynote: Lessons Learned from Operating the Most Valuable Portfolio in the World.

But what you might not know or heard about was the very lively breakout session focused on domain appraisals: Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals. Continue reading

Traversing the domain industry to find your place under the sun can be quite challenging, especially when your a newcomer.

There are many casualties and carcasses along the domaining journey to learn from or join. YIKES! 😳

One doesn’t have to blindly throw money down the drain purchasing ill-advised domains.

In fact, you’re likely better off attending a few conferences and touching base with experienced domainers BEFORE  spending a dime on domains.

And speaking of conferences, I recently attended NamesCon 2018. I met with a number of domain investors and industry professionals throughout the conference. Continue reading

Although I’m glad to have attended NamesCon (Day One, Day Two and Day Three), the time to finally depart and travel home arrived before I knew it.

I’m certainly glad to be home and reflecting upon my time spent and lessons learned along the way this last week. One lesson learned is that I’ll stick around for the final day next year.

Based on the agenda, I incorrectly assumed that not much would occur. I didn’t want to lose a day could be well spent home with my wife and 3 kiddos. 😍

In short, I can’t state enough of how much it is worth your investment to attend NamesCon. And why do I think this? Continue reading

NamesCon has concluded with yet another successful year as I type this recap of Day Three (more to come).

If you’ve missed Day’s One and Two Recaps, then please click below to explore my NamesCon experience:

Day One of NamesCon 2018 in the Books

Day Two at NamesCon: Domaining to the Future.

It’s the start of Day Three of NamesCon, the halfway point. In a city that never sleeps, I find myself a few steps slow. Continue reading

Day One of NamesCon is done and in the books. And I’m back with the Day Two NamesCon 2018 Recap with not a minute to spare, or a session or workshop to miss.

My day started off with checking the NamesCon app to discover this lovely view:

Not only is the view lovely, but the weather has been great!

I wouldn’t know much about Vegas weather due to bouncing around like a pinball from session to session, and from one conversation to the next. 😊 Continue reading

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