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It’s been a little over a month since I attended and shared my NamesCon experience as a first-time attendee.

One of the most talked about presentations from day three of NamesCon was Paul E. Nicks’, GM of GoDaddy, keynote: Lessons Learned from Operating the Most Valuable Portfolio in the World.

But what you might not know or heard about was the very lively breakout session focused on domain appraisals: Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals. Continue reading

What an emoji domain interview I have in store for you today!

Attending NamesCon this year afforded me an opportunity to meet and engage a number of individuals and companies in very insightful conversations.

One of these chance meetings was with Jon Roig and Matan Israeli together. Both names likely sound familiar if you watched their interview debut by Mike Cyger on Domain Sherpa: Why Emoji Domains May Take Over the World.

Of course, the episode catapulted both gents and emoji domains into prime spotlight nothing short of a rocket ship ride that appears to be picking up additional steam almost a year later.

That said, I thought I would capitalize on being in the same space with the gents at NamesCon. Continue reading

Traversing the domain industry to find your place under the sun can be quite challenging, especially when your a newcomer.

There are many casualties and carcasses along the domaining journey to learn from or join. YIKES! 😳

One doesn’t have to blindly throw money down the drain purchasing ill-advised domains.

In fact, you’re likely better off attending a few conferences and touching base with experienced domainers BEFORE  spending a dime on domains.

And speaking of conferences, I recently attended NamesCon 2018. I met with a number of domain investors and industry professionals throughout the conference. Continue reading

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Ethan Berle (CTO) and Dave Thompson (CRO) about Las Vegas-based company Flye and how it’s pioneering emoji marketing services.

🤔 If you’re thinking the name Flye sounds familiar, then you’re thinking right.  Flye has been featured in recent interviews:

Attending NamesCon 2018 afforded me the opportunity to have a in-person conversation to dive deeper into detail with two of the four founding members of Flye: Ethan and Dave. Continue reading

About this time last month, I was humming along just days into the new year and recovering from the FLU. Yes, it was nasty and I’m glad to have survived it. But I digress.

As I said, humming along during the work day, I received a Twitter mention notification. Ruh roh, must be trouble, right?

Writing about a number of popular and unpopular topics as it relates to domain, I sometimes go running for the hills when Twitter mentions start bombarding my phone or inbox. Continue reading

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