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Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s been almost 6 years ago that Google forever altered the search landscape when it released an Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update — a filter launched to prevent low quality websites from ranking well simply because their domains had words or phrases that matched search terms.

This update wiped and hijacked search rankings for a number of websites overnight. One day websites were receiving hundreds and thousands of visitors, while the very next day was a handful of visitors, if any.

And although many website and website owners were impacted by Google’s EMD Update, there were a select few that weathered the storm without issue. In fact, some websites experienced increased search ranking.

One of those websites not impacted by Google’s EMD Update was an educational website dedicated to instructing and creating Java tutorials so easy, a 10 year old could do it. Continue reading

Reading Time: 1 minute

When starting a business these days, one quickly encounters how challenging it is to reconcile a business name and the available matching .com domain that passes the radio test.

If you like most business owners, then you’ve likely not heard of the domain radio test or understand the importance it plays to your business and its digital presence.  Continue reading

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Welcome back! I’ve been quite busy writing and producing a number of NEW written articles, podcasts, and videos — soon to be released!

Nevertheless, it’s been a month or so since our last domain interview, and fortunately, that all changes today. 😉

If you’re a college or college-bound student, or know folks who are in this phase of life, then you’ll want to read and share today’s interview. Continue reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s been a little over a month since I attended and shared my NamesCon experience as a first-time attendee.

One of the most talked about presentations from day three of NamesCon was Paul E. Nicks’, GM of GoDaddy, keynote: Lessons Learned from Operating the Most Valuable Portfolio in the World.

But what you might not know or heard about was the very lively breakout session focused on domain appraisals: Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals. Continue reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Just when you think you’ve seen or experienced it all in life, something or someone new captures and piques your interest.

That was exactly my sentiment when I discovered a BRS Media press release a few weeks touting an “expression of interest” into emoji domains. Continue reading

Reading Time: 9 minutes

What an emoji domain interview I have in store for you today!

Attending NamesCon this year afforded me an opportunity to meet and engage a number of individuals and companies in very insightful conversations.

One of these chance meetings was with Jon Roig and Matan Israeli together. Both names likely sound familiar if you watched their interview debut by Mike Cyger on Domain Sherpa: Why Emoji Domains May Take Over the World.

Of course, the episode catapulted both gents and emoji domains into prime spotlight nothing short of a rocket ship ride that appears to be picking up additional steam almost a year later.

That said, I thought I would capitalize on being in the same space with the gents at NamesCon. Continue reading

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