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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.


If you hang around the domain industry long enough, then you’ll likely discover most domain portfolios often sit priced unrealistically, and collecting more dust than inquiries and sales.

And if researching and drumming up leads, inquiries, and sales for your domain portfolio is not within your wheelhouse, then things aren’t looking up for you, and it’s only a matter of time before you call it quits.

Why you ask? For starters, the glory days of parked domains earning 4 and 5 figures per month have long passed us all by.

And for most domain investors, developing partial or entire domain portfolio is a costly experience nor is development a skill within their wheelhouse.

Then add to this that new domain investors often commit the grave error of obliging the domain buyer’s bug without one thought towards a plan to strategy.

And it isn’t long before a year passes and the domain renewal grinch arrives at the door knocking and expecting prompt payment.

Make no mistake about it! You must identify an option for your domain to generate income to support renewal cost of it and others, and in short order too! But how? Continue reading

Welcome back! It’s been a bit since I last graced you with an interview about a personal or company brand using a unique domain name to promote their digital presence.

Today’s interview is that and more! Not only does this founder use a new domain extension to promote an educational book and website geared towards basic computer science, software quality and programming in general, but he’s branded an emoji name to boot.

Grab a beverage and snack, and read about why and how an energetic, 30 year-old programmer and former researcher launched a coding website using .energy and emoji domain names.  Continue reading

We belong only by doing, and we own only by doing, and we love only by doing – RAY BRADBURY Click To Tweet

That’s a quote we’ll all spend a lifetime learning to apply and experience in its fullest, until our heart’s content.

I stumbled upon the aforementioned quote simply visiting a few emoji domain websites, specifically 🍶.ws.

After further research, it just so happens that 🍶.ws is a single page website created and owned by William Nathan. Continue reading

Radione.ws Website

A few days ago, I was browsing my Twitter feed when an interesting logo caught my eye: 🎧radione.ws.

This specific tweet primarily caught my eye due to the logo using an emoji, specifically the headphone emoji (🎧), in front of a .ws domain.

Then I read the description to see that the person tweeting then used a 🚀 in front of radione.ws.

So, I was confused at this point. Was this an emoji domain promoting a service after all, or not? Continue reading

What a fast-pace number of days it’s been attending the Inaugural MERGE! Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Welcome to Orlando

If you’re not familiar with MERGE!, it’s a conference that “merged” The Domain Conference and CMS Summit to bring a number of businesses and professionals together to interact, engage, and share a number of topics and thoughts. Continue reading

In domaining news this month, have you heard of the newest domain marketplace aimed at providing competitively priced brandable domains?

If not, then allow me the opportunity to introduce the husband and wife domain duo, Brian and Meghan Berke.

The talented duo are full-time domain investors, brokers, and consultants aiming to inspire creativity and affordability for new and existing businesses in search of a quality .com domain to represent their idea or venture. Continue reading

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