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Domain Names

Reading Time: 1 minute

The domain industry is long littered with stories of domain investors entering and quick flipping their way to profitable success.

Domain investing, specifically quick flipping, to profitable success in short order shouldn’t be dismissed. However, the more puzzling and challenging feat to achieve and sustain is multi-million dollar domain development. Continue reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I share and discuss how to use GoDaddy Aftermarket data to determine a proxy bid amount likely to win more GoDaddy expired domain auctions.

Over the last 18 months and counting, I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of bidders participating in GoDaddy expired auctions. Between auction bots and increased bidder count, closing auction prices for expired domains skyrocket to unbelievable values.

While I’ve not researched data to back this next statement up, I’m guessing GoDaddy’s addition of the estimated valuebased on their GoDaddy Domain Appraisal Tool — is likely the culprit to increased activity and inflated closing auction prices.

For instance, expired domain auctions that would have normally closed at or below $50 are now closing anywhere between $300 – $600.

I don’t know about you, but such pricing influx can wreak havoc on a quick-flip domain strategy, especially when considering the average domain hold time is over 400 days or so to flip.

Most domain investors, like myself, don’t sit around waiting and watching expired domain auctions with the ole’ eagle eye. I typically set a proxy bid amount, walk away and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, this once successful strategy’s pricing no longer gets the job done with the exponential swing in closing auction prices.

To gain better understanding as to how much I would need to adjust my proxy bid strategy to hopefully start winning more GoDaddy expired domain auctions, I decided to dive into the details of expired auctions with bids I’ve lost dating back to the beginning of the year. Continue reading

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