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What a fast-pace number of days it’s been attending the Inaugural MERGE! Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Welcome to Orlando

If you’re not familiar with MERGE!, it’s a conference that “merged” The Domain Conference and CMS Summit to bring a number of businesses and professionals together to interact, engage, and share a number of topics and thoughts. Continue reading

In domaining news this month, have you heard of the newest domain marketplace aimed at providing competitively priced brandable domains?

If not, then allow me the opportunity to introduce the husband and wife domain duo, Brian and Meghan Berke.

The talented duo are full-time domain investors, brokers, and consultants aiming to inspire creativity and affordability for new and existing businesses in search of a quality .com domain to represent their idea or venture. Continue reading

What a year it’s been for emoji in general. Some of the press has been good, and some of it not so good.

About that emoji movie… Uh yeah, it’s like it never happened or shouldn’t have happened.

And as for the Emogenius Game Show, it’s creeping right along into the late night spot as each week passes, having launched at the 8PM CST, now 11 PM CST, and likely to be cancelled who be not too far on the horizon.

As for the good, there are still 6 billion emoji being sent via messages daily.  And another is we’re closing in fast this month on the one-year anniversary of GoDaddy’s emoji domain search engine: i❤.ws. Continue reading

Emoji are here to stay although many think of them as a fad, especially when regarding emoji domains.

Although not available for registration in top-level-domain extensions (TLDs) due to IDNA2008, emoji domains have found a blossoming home with a growing number of country-code TLDs.

.ws exploded on the scene with a growing number of emoji domains being registered via Jon Roig’s popular emoji domain registration engine: i❤.ws.

With over 21,000 .ws emoji domain registrations and growing daily, a number of other ccTLDs are opening up their doors to warmly receive emoji domains.

In fact, .to is another ccTLD aiming to close the emoji domain registrations gap due to Max Guerin sharing the “emoji domain engine” idea with Marc Köhlbrugge, producing 😄.to.

Achieving nearly 75% of single .to emoji domains registered in two days, I wondered whether or not other ccTLDs would toy with the idea or give strong consideration to allowing emoji domains.

After all, what ccTLD wouldn’t give serious consideration to possibly realizing a strong 5-6 figure revenue generation from a domain niche that’s heating up? Continue reading

It’s been some time since I’ve had a moment to interview a personal or company brand.

Since my most recent interview, teaching kids to code using emoji, there’s been quite a few happenings in the emoji domain space:

And those are just a few of the many emoji domain highlights. That said, today I’m fortunate enough to share with everyone my latest interview with Burton Rast, the ‘sign of the horns’ (🤘) emoji domain owner. Continue reading

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