Up Close and Personal with Alvin Brown

Hi, I’m Alvin, the founder and publisher, and welcome to KickstartCommerce.com.

I’m a seasoned serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping businesses execute profitable digital and domain name investment strategies to generate greater customer growth and revenue throughout the world.

Prior to founding KickstartCommerce.com, I started and operated numerous startups in Austin, Texas with wife, Mallary.  The most notable are DN Strategies, LLC, Pop Rocket Labs, LLC, Ladder Jumpers, LLC and Brownstone Strategies, all based in Austin, Texas.

Prior to various entrepreneurial ventures, I’ve journeyed over 20 years in various professional experiences relating to information technology, web and software development, and customer-facing roles, including sales and marketing, and business operations and analysis.

Before founding the aforementioned companies, I held various professional assignments with Flowserve, Blackbox (formerly ACS Dataline), Smarter Solutions, Bulldog Solutions, Wise Innovations, Time Warner, Cisco Systems, Mtuity and various startups.

I earned a BS degree in Telecommunications Management from DeVry University and a MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.

I reside in Austin, Texas with my wife and children, and we are active and serving members at Mosaic Church Austin (formerly of Christ Community Church).

In my spare time, I attain a great passion for reading spiritual, motivational, and inspirational literature, and spending quality time with friends and family.

(Updated Oct 2017: Seth, Alvin, Mila, Mallary, Ian)

(Updated Oct 2017: Ian (Alvin’s shoulders), Alvin, Seth, Mallary, Mila)