Capture more customers and revenue using Local Domain SEO.

And no, you don’t have to be an SEO expert or professional.

Local Domain SEO Marketing StrategiesIt’s not a surprise that small business owners (that’s you!) are forever searching for more local customers and businesses to sustain or grow their businesses.

The odds are that you already have a fairly stable business, but you want more local market share.

And if not, then you’ve tried everything under the sun, from local daily deals to newspaper ads to billboards to cab ads to community newsletters and green sheets, to name a few…

And who knows whatever other arm-and-a-leg marketing strategy that broke the bank and your business after the dust settled.

Well, that’s your past and not your future!

And much like you’re here right at this very moment in time with an urgent desire to capture more customers and revenue in your local market, let me introduce to you the concept of Local Domain SEO.

Not only will you write history in righting your business to increased customer growth and profitability when you purchase this eBook, but you’ll write the competition’s present and future history to their very end!

Your competition will have no choice but to take notice of your business winning over local market customers when you soundly execute the local domain SEO strategies discussed in detail in this eBook!

And affordability is not an issue when comparing and considering the pricing of our eBook only and eBook Package to all the money spent on the various arm-and-a-leg marketing opportunities that wasted money for minimal to no ROI.

Choose Your Local SEO Adventure…


eBook Only

26-page PDF, 2 Case Studies and BONUS CHAPTER


eBook Package Plus…

8-Step Local SEO Tutorial & Spreadsheet Tool,
12-Step DIY SEO Tutorial and
Local SEO Landing Page Tips Sheet



What You’ll Learn

In my latest 26-page PDF eBook entitled, Local Domain SEO, you’ll read and learn how to capture more customers and revenue in your local market using proven methods to boost your website’s local search rankings.

Not only do I teach you tactics and techniques to optimize your primary website, but in 7 chapters and a BONUS CHAPTER of hidden gem thoughts and tactics, I share detailed strategies to be executed using additional websites targeting your respective product and service keywords.

In addition to the chapters, I also include 2 case studies of companies that not only captured their local markets but were able to execute the same strategies discussed throughout each chapter to grow into regional, national, and global powerhouse brands!

Who is the eBook written for?

This eBook aims to help and assist the following individuals and organizations:

  • Small business owners (like yourself) looking for proven local SEO marketing ideas to share with your team.
  • A hands-on small business owner is managing every aspect of your website.
  • Marketers and marketing organizations need to establish a greater local presence for their local businesses.
  • Avid learning internet marketing freelancer, designer, or developer wanting to learn and implement local SEO marketing at the local business you’re employed at.