Kickstart Commerce represents the culmination of my journey towards implementing innovative technologies to automate and creatively solve business challenges in a unique manner, a journey dating back to 2000.

I’m creative problem-solver, entrepreneur, and investor at heart born a with an innate fascination with web technologies, automation, and domain names helping businesses reach and server their customers.

My creative problem-solving collided with both business and technology, and afforded me an exceptional opportunity to serve companies ranging in size from start-ups to small and medium sized business to large conglomerates.

Throughout this journey, these very instrumental entrepreneurial experiences and life lessons lead to the following ventures:

  • KickstartCommerce.com
  • DNAdverts.com
  • DNStrategies.com
  • DNCloser.com

All in all, each venture aims to share insightful stories about the digital disciplines of domain buying, selling, development, and investing strategies.