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I’m back with another weird WordPress fix for likely a problem encountered by many, whether you ever admit to it or not. 😜

At the request of a customer that’s been with us 10 years and counting now, I’m working to update and fix a few aged items relating to their website’s user experience.

Everything was going well until I attempted to upgrade the website to use a more lightweight and intuitive plugin to create a “before and after” slideshow of their project work. 🤨

To complicate things a bit, I unknowingly experimented with a few discontinued WordPress plugins no longer supported.

So wish WordPress developers would update their plugins more often with discontinued support messages. 😤  But I digress.

Each time I would install, activate, configure, and implement a image gallery or slideshow plugin for WordPress, I encountered the same error: Continue reading

What a winding path I’ve been since starting this both nearly 5 years ago.

From my early start with a focus on search marketing to current contentment and assignment as a Domain Name Strategist and Domain Investor.

It’s been a fun journey, especially since I’ve settled into the art and science and wheeling and dealing domains.

I don’t have many sales a year, but I aim to sale at least 7 domains a year with a minimum of 3 4-figure sales. The minimum helps to cover the cost of annual renewals.

So, I’m not a hardcore flipper like Josh from DSAD.com, whereby he could sale the word flip itself much like breathing.

Nevertheless, when performing a sale, one thing I’ve learned over the years is to use “Push” over “Transfer”. Continue reading

If you’re new to domain investing, then it’s likely you’ll blow a few hundred (hopefully not thousand(s)) dollars when starting your journey.

And if your journey was anything like mine, you’ll likely soon discover a few domains in your possession that infringe upon trademarks.

My hope is you perform your due diligence of domains before bidding or hand registering.

But should you get caught up in the excitement of domain buying (as newbies do quite often) and discover trademark infringing domains within your portfolio, I have a simple trick to share with you to rid yourself of such domains.

Continue reading

Today’s tutorial is not really anything to write home about, but it could save you a bit of time.

And if not save you time, then you’ll certainly learn how to check the availability of a domain name using a method other than a web browser.

If you check as many domains during a given day as I do, then you’ll certainly love theses two methods. Continue reading

From week to week, I receive a number and variety of wide-ranging questions and inquiries pertaining to WordPress websites.

I recently received an inquiry in regards to how easy or difficult it is to password protect an entire WordPress website from the general public.

Of course, there are a number of ways to achieve a fully protected and private WordPress website. Continue reading

Back to life and back to… wait for it… a blank WordPress website. 😱

That’s not how this song is suppose to go, per Soul II Soul. It’s suppose to be back to life, back to reality.

Nevertheless, this unfortunate, stark reality of a potential customer stating their website loaded a blank white screen came by way of a frantic call a few days ago.

What in the world could and would cause a WordPress website to load with HTTP 200 response, yet load a white screen?

Although there are many things that could cause a WordPress website white or blank screen to be loaded, I’m sharing with you the top 6 items to check. Continue reading

A few weeks ago, you may recall I shared that GoDaddy added “Watcher” data to buy-it-now and closeout expired domain auctions.

No sooner than I shared my finding with the domain community, Andrew Allemann wrote an article expressing his concern and hopes that GoDaddy would NOT add watcher data to entire aftermarket platform.

And what a stirring of emotion both articles tapped into with an outpouring cry of dissatisfaction from the domain community about GoDaddy’s beta testing of such a feature.

😱 Please, GoDaddy, DO NOT add watcher data to aftermarket auction platform! 🙏 Click To Tweet

But one of the comments from Andrew’s article left by Jamie Zoch peaked my interest. Continue reading

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