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Digital strategies for greater customer growth and revenue
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Kickstart Commerce leased website services are turn-key solutions for businesses in need of a highly visible web search presence across major search engines.

Unlocking the door to greater customer and revenue growth
Yes, a leased website separates your business from greater customer growth and revenue.

Don’t believe us, then meet real estate agent Ted Kendrick and learn how he used local domain names to generate customer growth and revenue for his real estate business.

We stand ready and willing to assist you and others like Ted in unlocking this elusive door through leasing a website.

Owning thousands of generic, business-niche domains, we offer your business a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to best align with a highly visible, searched and trafficked domain and a highly ranked website built and optimized specifically for your business niche.

Take ownership of your key today and unlock the elusive search engine door to greater customer and revenue growth obtaining the following benefits:

  • Gain great exposure from a leased website tailored towards your business niche, benefitting both domestic and international businesses
  • Lease a uniquely designed and search engine optimized turn-key solution that is highly visible, ranked and searched across major search engines
  • Save time and money in not performing in-house web design and development, search engine optimization
  • Reduce or eliminate monthly pay-per-click advertising and 3rd-party advertising budgets in general
  • No long term agreement or cancellation fee; If business received from site is too much or not enough, you can call it quits at anytime

There is no more waiting and hoping for high search engine visibility across all major search engines when leasing a website from Kickstart Commerce.

Lease a website best aligned to your business and let your business focus on what it does best: qualifying and converting sales into lifelong customers appreciative of your product or service offerings.

Learn How Referral Websites Increase Local Business


Leased Website Services

A business can choose a business plan option below, and pay a recurring annual cost or a one-time fee and monthly cost with no long term agreement.

Business plans for lease websites are based on the number of competing pages as it pertains to the total number of pages indexed in search engines for search keyword or keyword phrases.

Most websites are optimized for 10 up to 500 keywords/keyword phrases, and the typical business has 2M – 4M competing pages indexed in search engines.

The highlighted plan below is our most popular business plan.

Service Plan Competing Pages Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Business Level I Plan <200K $2,000.00 $150.00 one-time and $199.00/mth
Business Level II Plan <800K $3,000.00 $250.00 one-tie and $299.00/mth
Business Level III Plan <2MM $4,000.00 $350.00 one-time and $399.00/mth
Business Level IV Plan 2MM – 3MM $5,000.00 $450.00 one-time and $499.00/mth
Business Level V Plan 3MM – 5MM $6,000.00 $600.00 one-time and $599.00/mth
Business Level X Plan 5MM – 10MM $10,000.00 $1,000.00 one-time and $999.00/mth
Customized Business Plan Starting as low as $15,000 annually or $1,500 initially and $1,499 per month


Businesses pay a monthly lease for a leased website and receives the following:

  • Business brand box (i.e. company name, phone, address, license – if applicable)
  • Contact us form (collect customer information)
  • Generic or exact-match domain in alignment to business niche
  • W3C compliant and code validated website, including keyword and content rich website, including sitemap
  • Multiple listings on the front or second page of the major search engines, one listing minimum
  • Monthly submissions and search engine rank reporting
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting of leased site to ensure site remains at 90-95% compliant with current search engine criteria
  • Money-back guarantee should our services not perform as agreed


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