Amidst big brands such as Amazon, Walmart, and the list goes on, small businesses account for quite a bit of market share.

Google estimates that there are approximately 115 million small businesses in the world while the United States of Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy estimates that there are 28.8 million businesses in the US alone.

Of course, there’s much discussion to be had pertaining to what specific attributes must be realized to qualify as a small business. But I’m not writing to debate those finer points.

With both numbers on the rise annually, one has to wonder how small businesses are able to affordably differentiate themselves, especially when considering small businesses with a strict local or hyper-local presence.

How many oil change, dog grooming, nail salon and other local-centric business services do you pass daily going to and fro?

If you’re like me, then you’re likely surrounded by a growing number of small businesses, varying in name, peddling similar services in hopes that a potential customer remembers their business when the need arises.

Hoping that customers remember your business in a sea of competitive small businesses offerings is not a sound plan for existing or growing local market share.

But here’s something to ponder. Would you be interested in uniquely differentiating your business from the competition using an emoji domain?

That’s right! Those fun faces and iconic characters you see in text messages, emails, social media and more can now be used in and as domain names to promote and distinguish your business.

Read about emoji domains names if this new to you.

Yeah, you’re likely thinking it’s a gimmick or some simple redirect that’s going to cost you an arm or a leg, right?

It will cost a bit of petty cash or NOT depending upon the emoji domain extension chosen to represent your business.

Read more about available emoji domain extensions.

Either way I’m certain that your business can find $50 or less a year to invest in a single emoji domain to set your business apart from the competition and the traditional marketing and advertising avenues.

I know you’re thinking, but I already have a website and domain name to represent my business.

How Emoji Domain Marketing is a Step Ahead of Traditional Marketing and Advertising

If your business struggles to gain customers using a regular ole’ .com address that’s just as bland as the competition, then why not give an emoji domain a shot?

For example, which pay-per-click ad entices you to click if you were in search of Japanese food?


The old traditional method:

Austin Japanese Food Delivery
Get Food Delivered from your favorite Austin Restaurants


The new and improved method:

Austin Japanese Food Delivery
Your Favorite Japanese Food Delivered to Your Door

Japanese Food Delivery
Your Favorite Japanese Food Delivered to Your Door

Austin Japanese Food Delivery
Your Favorite Japanese Food Delivered to Your Door


Not only can you ad emoji to the domains, but you could also spice up the title and description areas using emoji too.

And yes, search engines can and do interpret emoji, and quite well too! If you don’t believe, then I encourage you to try searching for a few emoji combinations.

Here’s what popped up when searching and appending “austin” to bento box and delivery truck emoji:

Emoji Marketing & Emoji Search Ranking

Notice the delivery truck in the results and that it listed rankings with bento box.

Pretty cool, hun? I know it’s crazy that search engines can interpret emoji, right?

From adding flair to pay-per-click ads to search ranking, are you now convinced to take the plunge into emoji domains?

Well maybe pay-per-click or search don’t apply to your business. But what about applying emoji domains to billboards and traditional print ads?

Again, most every business is using a text-based domain name of some sort.

So, why not establish your small business as an innovative leader that stands in a class all by itself using an emoji domain?

Which ad, the traditional or emoji ad, is likely to catch your eye and easily be remembered?

Emoji Billboard Marketing


Emoji Billboard Marketing with Emoji

There’s a case to be made for testing emoji domains as a part of your overall marketing and advertising strategy.

The simple first step into emoji domain usage for most is likely using one or multiple as simple 301 redirects to a primary web presence from email, text messaging, search, print and social media websites.

How Personal and Company Brands Emoji Market Their Digital Presence

And if the examples above haven’t convinced or moved you to visualize your business using emoji domains, then I invite you to review how a couple of bigger brands are using emoji.

For instance, Taco petitioned for the taco emoji (🌮), got, and then celebrated by creating the #TacoEmojiEngine for Twitter.

Tweet to @TacoBell the taco emoji + any other emoji to get surprised with one of 600 unique taco inspired photos, gifs, or sounds. Seriously, do it now. You’ll love it and the deal (hint, hint).

Although this big brand emoji use case doesn’t use an emoji domain, it does make the case for combining emoji and social media to engage customers and potential customers.

And it’s not just TacoBell put emoji to use, but also Domino’s Pizza cashing in on using emoji to streamline their customer experience when ordering pizza via their Domino’s Anywhere initiative.

But where’s the emoji domain? Okay, try entering the sign of the horns, also known as rock and roll hand sign, into a web browser followed by .ws as shown below.

Yes, whether a personal or company brand, you too could use an emoji domain as a primary web presence, but you could also use emoji domains to remove unnecessary or reduce confusing steps simply redirecting it to a 3rd party site or app.

Think about how emoji domains could be applied to your business and make certain aspects a more intuitive, seamless process and experience for customers and potential customers.

Small Business Services Ripe for Emoji Domain Marketing

I could easily see folks using emoji to book appointments for the following services that are often rendered by small business:

  • oil changes
  • locksmith
  • water delivery
  • nail salon and more…

This list above barely scratches the surface. From food delivery to coffee shops to lawn service to massage to nannying to pet sitting and many, many more industries, there are more than enough emoji combos to uniquely market a business using an emoji domain.

In fact, you could mix emoji and ascii characters to create some impressive hyper-local domain names to rank well in search engines or invoke simple call to actions.

For example, a car wash company could use an emoji and ASCIII domain to promote to local Austinites. City could be easily replaced with neighborhood or street to create hyper-local emoji domains too.


Local Emoji Domain Marketing


Hyper-Local Emoji Domain Marketing

All in all, don’t think of emoji marketing, specifically emoji domains, as a fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow.

In fact, emoji domains are a budding domain niche ripe for small businesses on quest to soundly command their local or hyper-local market.

Will your small business lead the way and make good on all that emoji domains offer?

Get your business started using emoji domains today by visiting i❤️.ws or

Visit and review this emoji domain gallery for more on personal and company brands using emoji domains.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.