Things have definitely been moving at a fast pace around Kickstart Commerce, especially pay-for-performance SEO (white hot!).

Customers that signed and executed agreements nearly 6 months ago are finding profitable success in generating greater website traffic and new customer relationships.

Their rankings have not only increased, but their website is listed for multiple listings and a variety of keywords on page one and two of Google. That’s right, the big kahuna of search, Google!

One of the reasons I make mention of the pay-for-performance SEO customers is that the commonality in their success is domain name and high-quality content. Yes, there is more to SEO than just domain name and high-quality content. The focus on domain name and high-quality content is what sets these customers apart from their competition and highly visible search rankings.

Again, a good bit of present day SEO and future SEO will depend on high-quality content being shared by real people finding value in that content, generating and boosting greater backlink profile and link building value. And one way to build and boost your website’s link building value is ensuring your website has a solid foundation in regards to a domain name.

It’s easy to write high-quality content, if your website is information driven, and place that high-quality content, or any type or quality of content on a long and not easy to remember domain name. Can the website rank? Why, yes it could and can rank.

But the real question, will the customers remember the website without having to go back through their varying search steps?

The real long-standing value of gaining search visibility on the first page is converting website traffic to repeat customers that bypass search and remember your domain name to always visit your website first.

As a customer, I experienced the importance of a memorable domain name this past week.

It all started with one projector bulb

I received an email from a long time friend and business partner that will be hosting an Entrepreneurs Summer Series for business owners and entrepreneurs launching, improving, innovating, and growing their businesses.

Helping this friend out with some of the technical requirements, I was testing my projector and audio/video adapters to lend to this event. Within 5 minutes of turning the project on, it blew its bulb, and I didn’t have a replacement on hand.

It had been a few years since I last ordered a project bulb from an online company specializing in project replacement bulbs. And just like an aging human when we don’t consistently use something long enough to commit it to memory, we forget it. That’s where I was at in trying to remember the replacement projector bulb company’s domain name.

Searching high and low for the previous company I purchased product from

I really wanted to give this company my business, but couldn’t remember the full domain name. I knew it was “projector” something .com. But the problem was when I searched using Google, there were other companies using the keyword “projector” in their domain name too.

I visited a few websites thinking that their website design and graphics would jar my memory of my previous purchase. I even tried search old emails. No luck, no success.

Long story short, I could have easily remembered a domain like,, or even Those are easy to remember domain names based on the product that I was in need of and searching for.

So, instead of remembering or finding the projector replacement bulb company that I had previously purchased from, I settled for a reasonably priced bulb from It should be delivered sometime this week, and the price was to die for. Great savings!

Yes, I got my product, but the story doesn’t end there.

The kicker to this story is that a few hours after ordering, I stumbled upon the company’s website that I previously purchased from: I knew it had “projector” in the domain, but I couldn’t remember the second part or half of the domain.

Now here’s the funny part. Because I was so annoyed with not finding their website, I tried a few additional searches after my Amazon purchase. I think was on the 4th or 5th search variation when I came across their website via a pay-per-click (PPC) search ad.

Not only did they lose my order, but they also had to pay a PPC fee for me to unknowingly stumble upon their website. I’m not sure what the PPC fee is, but I’m willing to push the chips to the middle of the table that they paid more for the click than the annual cost of one .com domain name.

What’s my point? Procure an easy and memorable keyword-rich domain and you’ll be on your way just like our pay-for-performance customers.

Remember to build your website on a short and memorable .com domain name that contains search keywords instead of your company name. Yes, customers need a trustworthy company to deliver the needed products and services, but customers care about and search for products and services to meet their immediate needs, and not companies.

In addition, choosing a domain with highly searched keywords related to your industry, you’ll not only save and reduce your marketing and advertising costs, but you’ll boost your search rankings to page one listings, generate greater website traffic, and increase conversions due to customers visiting your website.

Customers will recognize your domain name as a credible authoritative source for your industry, and open their wallets to your business for a lifetime relationship.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.