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Digital strategies for greater customer growth and revenue
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As a small business owner with a website, have you experienced the following emotions when wanting to have your website optimized for search engines?

  • Maybe you’re skeptical about hiring a SEO company or consultant based on bad peer reviews and experiences with deceptive search engine optimization and search marketing firms or SEO consultants.
  • Maybe you’re a small business owner with a website that currently has less than stellar search rankings because you feel prey to some SEO firm or consultant.

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The way it was: You paid first and last for deceptive SEO practices.

These are only two of the endless experiences in deceptive SEO practices that small business owners fall victim too.  Small business owners tend to fall into the trap of common SEO pitfalls.

And unfortunately, there are some search engine optimization and search marketing firms that have given SEO consultants and firms a bad name.  You paid in good faith to receive honest results, and only one party upheld their end of the bargain: you!

After all, what you wanted was profitable results, yet you ended up paying a fortune for a trove of bad and deceptive SEO practices by some fly-by-the-night search engine optimization (SEO) company or consultant. Every since they touched your website, your website has lost traffic, customers and sales.

It’s been a complete nightmare for you, right? Well, it’s time that the nightmare comes to an end.

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The way it should be: Get search rankings and traffic, then pay for SEO performed!

Kickstart Commerce completely understands your situation and circumstance quite well.

Most customers that hire Kickstart Commerce for any type of SEO services have had one or more SEO firms or consultants to have knowingly or unknowingly misguided their SEO efforts at some point.

Essentially, customers paid SEO firms and consultants to be taken advantage which should never happen.

That said, we’ve established our pay-for-performance SEO services to help customers achieve increased search rankings and traffic, implementing sound and proven SEO tactics and strategies that are search-engine safe.

Simply put, we help customers control and reduce SEO costs, and increase results.  And the good thing about our offer is that we don’t get paid until you are ranked on page one of search engines for the agreed to keywords.

Yes, it’s that easy: we do the work and show results, and only when we have performed the work and delivered the results are you obligated to pay!

So stop the SEO madness today and don’t pay another dime until you receive bona fide results that you can verify.

When you’re ready, we are ready to put in the time and effort to get your website ranked on page one of search engines, increasing both your website’s search ranking and traffic.

Learn why Pay-For-Performance SEO is the best option for your business.


Contact us to inquire about Pay for Performance SEO Services and Pricing.

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