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Digital strategies for greater customer growth and revenue
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Meet Bob and his online bags business.

Maybe you see yourself and business as Bob, being crushed by the competition in search engine rankings as they laugh all the way to the bank.

Well, the good news is you no longer have to be lost in complete SEO darkness. Kickstart Commerce helps you rewrite the next chapter in search engine optimization for website, providing the following value-add search engine optimization services:

  • Keyword research and inventory management
  • Catchy headline creation
  • Optimized sitemap management
  • Off-site optimization (e.g. blog comment via relevant websites)
  • Competitor SEO benchmarking and analysis
  • Mobile design and content optimization
  • SEO trend and search engine research
  • Track content search ranking across major search engines
  • Relevant content directory search submission
  • Repurposing content for a various mediums
  • Social bookmarking management
  • Complimentary and Comprehensive SEO Audits
  • Website speed, analytics, caching, security and backup management

Nothing to lose, but everything and more to gain! Call 512.814.9177 to get started today.

What am I getting in return for what I’m paying?

One of the biggest fears and complaints that most small business owners and professionals have about SEO is that SEO costs too much for little results.

However, most of the too much, too little results can be attributed to search engine optimization firms not tailoring SEO efforts to be in alignment to the needs of the business.

If you find or stumble upon search engine optimization firms or consultants selling one-time, one-size fits all SEO, then that should raise a red flag for you not to do business with them.

At Kickstart Commerce, we offer various types of search engine optimization services because not all search engine optimization services meet the needs of everyone’s business or website in the same manner.

Read and learn about counting up the cost of SEO in its entirety.


Fixed Price Search Engine Optimization Services

For the small business owners or professionals only needing to jump start their SEO effort on the right foot, we offer what is known as fixed price SEO services.

Fixed priced SEO services allows for the laying of a firm SEO foundation of sound SEO principles by which small business owners or professionals can then build and execute their own ongoing SEO efforts, or go at a slower and cost effective project-by-project basis.

Opposite of those with the in-house resources to perform their ongoing SEO efforts, fixed priced SEO services also tend to be the choice of small business owners or professionals who find themselves strapped for cash and time, and not able to commit to a monthly SEO services agreement.

As for the pricing to implement and execute fixed price SEO, this service is one of our most expensive services only due to the risk we take in providing you with a very thorough and no-strings attached SEO website audit (no charge) and itemized list of corrective SEO actions.

Learn more about Fixed Price SEO offering


Pay-for-Performance Search Engine Optimization Services

Another SEO service we offer is strictly tailored for customers who have been burned or fallen prey to deceptive SEO practices.

Sad and costly SEO stories happen each and every day, we understand the SEO bind customers can find themselves in when strapped for both cash and time to bring in profitable SEO results.

Because these deceptive SEO incidents happen, knowingly and unknowingly, we feel it’s best to help these customers that are down on their luck.

We prove there are qualified and experience SEO professionals that can bring profitable, lasting results performing SEO search-engine safe methods.

In short, pay-for-performance services are SEO services geared to show results and rankings for a selected website and list of keywords. Customers only pay for results when their website has been ranked according to the list of keywords in the services agreement.

Not a dime is exchanged until your website is on the first and second page of search engines. This definitely decreases the chance and opportunity of getting burned or fallen prey to deceptive SEO practices.

However, the pay-for-performance service can be quite expensive due to Kickstart Commerce assuming all of the risk to get your website ranked.

Learn more about Pay-for-Performance SEO offering


Search Engine Optimization Retainer Services

Our most popular service by far is the SEO retainer services due to our clients not having to lift one finger to drive profitable, long lasting results from their website.

Pricing for SEO retainer services are made to be very affordable for small business owners or professionals, although pricing is determined by keyword preference and the number of competing pages for each keyword.

What is there to lose? We do all the work, and provide you daily open access and transparent reporting on a monthly basis.

It typically takes 90 days for rankings to take effect from the time we complete the first milestone. If the reports and search engines don’t have you ranked on page one or two of search engines for our agreed to keywords, then you get your money back.

And this is yet another reason for this service being quite popular, carrying a money-back guarantee unlike the Pay-for-Performance and Fixed Price SEO services.

Learn more about SEO Retainer offering


Nothing to lose, but everything and more to gain! Call 512.814.9177 to get started today.

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