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I know the entire story about rising advertising costs as I’m sure your wallet has felt the impact too! No matter if you’re a local, regional, national or global business, search marketing is quite competitive and expensive.

Why is search marketing so expensive?

Let’s think about this and walk through the spend. The masses are blindly paying for pay-per-click advertising with YellowPages, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Yelp, Yodle, and other 3rd-party advertisers.

Then there are companies, and this may include your company too, paying substantial fees on a monthly basis for search engine optimization.

That’s just online marketing spend. We’ve not mentioned offline advertising such as billboards, radio ads, door hangers, classifieds, newspapers, magazines and television ads.

There are so many businesses competing to be at the most visible spot of the hottest and most visited media known in the world. The sheer number of companies competing is growing daily due to new businesses launching throughout the world.

And time is of the essence as no business can afford to wait for months and years to grow their business.

To answer the original question of why search marketing is so expensive, I have businesses look at one thing: their domain name.

Too many times, businesses own their exact match name which is typically a brand of some sort. There’s nothing wrong with owning a branded domain.

However, in most cases, customers don’t and won’t know to search for your company brand or branded domain for quite some time when you’re a new business. This works against your business. Again, time is of the essence when trying to grow and operate a profitable business.

So, I pose the following question to you: how can your business grow revenues and reduce its marketing spend?

Grow business revenues while reducing marketing spend, bypassing search engines and pay-per-click advertising!

Your business can do this and more, let me tell you why and how. You’re not reading this information by chance, so stay with me and let’s change your business.

I’m not here to sell you some pie-in-the-sky dream about what technology fad I can offer your business. How do we answer the previously posed question?

The key to your business growing and increasing revenue while reducing marketing spend is simple, long term and full of lifetime benefits that are consistently profitable: be the one and only owner of a keyword-rich domain consistently driving exponential type-in traffic to your business’ website.

We’ve not mentioned pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization of your website. If you manage to have success with those types of search marketing services without losing your shirt and business, then great.

If not, it won’t matter because the primary goal is to not focus on search marketing services. And there lies the hidden, yet logical magic in owning the right domain for your business: increased type-in traffic while bypassing advertisers and search engines altogether!

This means you no longer worry about paying high-cost, low-results advertisers, nor worrying about search engine algorithms destroying your business’ website rankings.

And if your business is doing well with paid search marketing services, why not have the added benefits of a domain with instant type-in traffic that surpasses both search engine and advertisers’ results?

How to find keyword-rich domains with type-in traffic

Not to be confused with companies using premium domain names, keyword-rich domains with type-in traffic are domains specifically associated with a geographical location, sometimes referred to as geo domains, including but not limited to towns, cities, counties, states, and even countries.

Where does your website rank in search engines currently? Think for a moment about how you personally search for things on the Internet. Do you use “city_name + keyword” or “keyword phrase + city_name”?

Exactly, just as your customers would, you used keywords and keyword phrases based around your business, industry and possible chosen geo location. Think of all the various combinations customers use to search when attempting to find a product or service related to your business.

If you use paid marketing services of any sort, think of all the money wasted in hopes of getting a customer to click your ad and purchase your company’s service or product.

Now think about how easy it becomes for searchers to find your company’s products and services when your business uses a keyword-rich domain at it’s primary web address.

And multiply both value and traffic when you own multiple keyword-rich domains with a high volume of type-in traffic, and forward each one to your primary web address for pennies on the dollar of what paid search marketing services cost your business.

What about social media, search engine optimization and marketing and 3rd-party advertisers?

Yes, there are other advertising options, but none can top owning a targeted, highly-searched and visited keyword-rich domains with a high volume of type-in traffic.

Sure, there are the Yelps, Facebooks, YellowPages, Adwords, and Apps galore out there promoting your company right beside the competition. But that is the problem: your company does not stand a chance when the typical search has more than 3 options to choose from above the fold.

What does this mean? It means your company coughs up major cash to always remain at the top of 3rd-party advertisers’ listings or you negotiate 3rd-party advertisers to narrow their advertisements down to less than three options, or better yet, one option: your company.

Hmm, neither option sounds good especially when considering the price tag to pull off such an agreement, right? Back to reality, 3rd-party advertisers are only going to open the pool of ads up to more and more companies to make their payday.

And for this reason, amongst many others not mentioned, your company should have an exclusive, unique presence, setting itself apart from all other business listings.

There are many companies and 3rd-party advertiser’s. But only one company can unlock the door to exponential type-in traffic revenues for one, and only one, keyword-rich domain.

Make it extremely easy for online searchers to find your company by owning a simple type-in traffic domain

There is a reason the domain you typed in is in a space of its own like no other, and it starts with this simple domain being easy enough to remember by searchers.

Remember, with domain names, there can be only one owner of a domain, and the owner of this domain and its exclusive type-in and search traffic can be all yours today — for a lifetime if you would like such an agreement!

Your business could continue owning 100% percent of nothing as one does with 3rd-party advertisers. Your business keeps operating at the expensive rate 3rd-party advertisers are charging while expecting rates to increase each year and having less than stellar results.

Sure, 3rd-party advertisers can supply your company with an easy source of obtaining leads, but they do so while solely owning the platform and they can change the rules without notice.

If you think I’m crazy, just revisit the number of terms and conditions agreements you were FORCED to agree too to continue using Apps, PPC ads, and SEO services.

Get started leasing targeted traffic today for pennies on the dollar

The question is how does your business get started. It’s quite simple… Your business needs to find domains related to your business. Buy those domains, and forward them to your existing website.

These are not just any old domains. Yes, you can buy new domains or hand registered domains that have never been used.

For example, if your a real estate agent specializing in the Lake Murray area, then you could buy LakeMurrayRealty.com or LakeMurrayRealEstate.com and forward it to your brand. Or, you could easily use one of the aforementioned domains as your businesses domain.

In most cases, you’ll want to visit ExpiredDomains.net and GoDaddy Auctions and search for domains that are typically 5 years old or more. This is where the magic comes into play. Not really magic, but simple logic.

The simple logic is that someone else used a domain and their hard earned marketing dollars to build a business that failed. In most cases, once a business goes defunct, business owners allow the domain to expire.

Nevertheless, searchers often type this domain into a web browser looking for the now defunct business, or secondly, type keyword-rich domains of products and services they desire to see if a website exists. Thirdly, business owners let the business go belly up and do not remove the social profile links that could forever live on in the world of the Internet.

Talk about value-added back link building coupled with high-volume type-in traffic. Now before you run out buying a trove of expired domains, be mindful to build slow and steady so you don’t damage your natural search ranking by building back links too fast.

Do you see the value I’m teaching, rather giving away to you for FREE? You’re making your business successful because someone couldn’t see the value in NOT allowing their domain to expire.

And this is why I lease a few hundred domains to companies like yours when they are unable to find and buy such value-add domains. They can essentially lease their way to more customers and cash for a nominal monthly fee.

I’ve given you the keys to kingdom with this knowledge and wisdom. I hope you can take your business to the next level using keyword-rich domains with a high volume of type-in traffic.

Remember, if you don’t own the domains… your competition will! They’ll lock the door and throw away the keys, and you’ll become a victim of the ever-increasing marketing costs.

Okay, I’ve shared quite a bit of information with you to review and research. I’ve got to run to participate in more expiring domain auctions.

If you still have questions and would like to discuss this topic or you want to try a 14-day trial leasing domains I own, then email me at [email protected]

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.