Businesses gain seo authority using local domain seo to generate and increase website traffic.

Allow me one moment to make a statement for what you are about to read and how it can change the way your online business operates.

Simply put, your business will be one or the other:


Most of you reading this post will either decide to put together a plan to purchase or implement local domain names for your business as a cost-effective method to drive more qualified local website traffic and sales.



Allow your competition to shut and lock the door to your business using one of the greatest search engine secrets, outside of capitalizing on type-in traffic, to generate greater customer growth and revenue: local domain names.

The hidden secret in local domain names driving increased website traffic and sales.

local seo traffic mapOne of the hidden gems in local search engine optimization is the ability for a business, both online and offline, to generate traffic using local domain names.

Most business owners don’t think about this concept when launching their business.

Business owners simply choose a domain name based on a “brand” name that will best represent their business and its brand.

This branding is not at all bad but more importantly, you should be willing to ask and wrestle through the following questions:

  • What if choosing a better domain, like a city or zip code specific domain name, could allow your business’ website to convert 10, 20, 100 or X amount more qualified traffic?
  • How many more sales could your business close?

Now your wheels are spinning, right?  I’m sure you are wondering how much it will cost your business in comparison to the current marketing and advertising spend vehicles.

The answer is simple and cost effective: a mere $15 per year or less registration fee per each domain name.

That’s it! Yes, $15 a year invested in a city or zip code specific domain name can spawn 10, 20, 100 or X amount more qualified traffic to your website.

So, how many domain names could your business purchase?

Truth be told, the number of domains is probably endless or at least enough to lock the doors on competition trying to do the same thing.

8 Steps for selecting and optimizing local domain names for local SEO

That said, here are 8 simple steps you can take to lock the doors on competition using local domain names.

  1. Use the spreadsheet tool at the end of this post as an local domain seo example, which we recommend you download and use it to your advantage.
  2. Select a primary city and a group of cities of approximately 10-15 cities surrounding the primary city. 
  3. Create a spreadsheet like the downloadable tool at the end of this post and list the cities in one column. 
  4. Identify each city’s population and use this as a guide to select a list cities to address first. To find the population of each city, use wiki-pedia or enter “city population” into a major search engine, replacing “city” with the respective city name of course.
  5. Determine a list of 4 or 5 two- or three-word keywords or keyword phrases. 
  6. For each city, append each two- or three-word keyword or keyword phrase.
  7. Determine domain name availability by visiting a registrar like GoDaddy or to run a bulk domain registration to verify the availability of your city or zip code and keyword combinations.
  8. Determine your plan of either redirecting local domain names to your primary business website, or setup sales pages or mini-sites optimized specifically for the city or zip code domain name.

Download And Watch This Video To See 8 Steps Put In Action

Need local domain SEO examples?

For example, one of your keywords could be Chair Rental or Wedding Chair Rental.  Your cities could be Tampa and Destin.

So when cities are concatenated with keywords they become,,, and

Now think about the various combinations your business can achieve for your industry and city.

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Don’t forget the sleeping giant city populations

Another thing to remember about population is that you may have cities with drastically different populations such as one city at 5,000 and another at 50,000 or 120,000.

It is highly recommended to secure the local domain names of cities greater than 75,000 in population.

However, I personally believe cities between 50,000-70,000 in populations are the sleeping giants for years to come.

If you have a business in a city with the current population of 50,000-70,000, then it will serve you well to make the investment in local domain names as these cities grow over the years.

Incentives for the bulk purchasing of domain names

In addition, if you have hundreds or thousands of local domains names to purchase, it may be best to contact the registrar directly.

Registrars have been known to give large incentives for the bulk purchasing of domain names.

The first hurdle is now passed with the purchasing of local domain names and at least your competition does not own these valuable gems of search engine success.

Which is for you: redirecting domains or building setup optimized sales pages or mini-sites?

Each of these options has pros and cons, and your business will have to weigh each according to the nature of your business and the business industry.

Although we can recommend any of the options above with profitable success, we have found customers to have the most success with the development of mini-sites for their businesses using either city or zip code domain names.

Need local information about your city or zip code?

Once your business has confirmed the successful implementation and testing of either city or zip code domain names, another thought is for your business to do the same at the county and state levels.

In addition to city and zip codes, it is highly recommended your business invests in the purchase of data from  They offer three options (i.e. Standard, Deluxe, Business) and at three affordable price points.

You could even use this data to get started with your city or zip code domain name efforts as they provide more in-depth detail about each zip codes and cities and their respective demographics.

Which side of the door will your business find itself when increasing local website traffic?

As I stated in the beginning, there will be two types of businesses that will buy into this strategy to generate greater customer growth and revenue: 

Those that lock the door on the competitors business AND Those who allow the door to be locked on their business.

Which side of the door will your business find itself?


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Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.