Today’s post is about search engine optimization’s new future: Google Authorship.

If you have heard or read about this new search engine ranking vehicle, read up.

A few years ago, Google introduced an unusual approach for authors to boost search engine rankings, known as Google Authorship.

Using this tactic, you convince Google that you are the author of your posts and by doing so you can stop piracy.

You actually register your words through Google Authorship, so that nobody else would be able to steal and publish your work as their own.

You have to set up your Authorship profile using your optimized Google+ account and when your website appears in the search results, it displays your photo next to search result as shown below.

You might already have seen some results displayed by Google that show a photo of the author along with the link.

These search results definitely have more appeal than other plain-looking results owned by authors with no identity whatsoever.

Using Google Authorship is quite easy and straight forward. You can add your Google+ profile to your WordPress account just like AIM, Yahoo IM, and Google Talk. Fill out all the required fields and you are all set to go!

Ever wonder how people have their image next to Google search engine results?


Will Google Authorship have an impact on your search engine optimization efforts?

The impact of Google Authorship.Google Authorship has many benefits in this regard.

First off, it not only allows authors to claim their articles but also make their other content visible to search engine users.

By establishing credibility of your content, you make it quite valuable in the eyes of Google and hence your website gets a chance to move up in the search results.

Google also plans on launching a very useful parameter to determine the level or status of a website, which will be called by the name of Author Rank.

So, talking in terms of future search engine optimization, yes Google Authorship is bound to affect your SEO efforts in a positive way.


Is Google Authorship Replacing Linking Building?

Google Authorship reduces bad link building strategies.Many people have associated this approach to the popular SEO approach known as link building. They argue that it is going to replace link building in future.

Just like the evolution of link building from simple and “just about any” to high quality links, the future trend of link building is moving towards Google Authorship.

Google is promoting the Social Graph keeping in view the popularity of various social media sites that are interconnected with one another. This graph becomes the link generating tool for authors who have a profile on Google+ and who publish on the internet regularly.

Traditional link building might be easier for a lot of SEO experts out there who have mastered this talent over all these years.


Google Authorship promoting less gaming of search engines and content piracy

Google Authorship stops content piracy and gaming of search engines.Now, would it be harder to game authorship of content than it is to game links?

Well, for those who do not have any original work written by their own pen it could be a difficult job.

But regular publishers who already have profiles on many social media sites along with an established blog will not find the transition to Google Authorship difficult at all.

And for people who have just started publishing their work and have very little idea of how SEO works, Google Authorship is going to be a very promising platform.

They won’t have to work day and night fishing for good quality links that would improve their rank in Google results. Link building is undoubtedly one of the most difficult aspects of search engine optimization. No wonder many people decide to forego it rather than pay thousands of dollars to SEO experts in order to get it done.


Google Authorship increasing click-through rate (CTR) of search engine results

Google Authorship helps to increase organic search traffic.Businesses and individuals (i.e. bloggers, etc.) are highly recommended to incorporate Google Authorship into their current marketing strategy to rank even better in search engine results.

Many people tend to click on those links that show an established authorship status with a photo. They “trust” these links more than the ones that have no connection with a Google Authorship account.

So, not only will your website appear in top Google search results, it will also be more likely to get noticed by the users.

People searching for relevant information on the internet will be able to connect with those who share similar interests on social media sites, particularly on Google+ and this way the Social Graph expands and attracts more traffic to your website.


Set Up Google Authorship Today!

So, your next goal should be to implement Google authorship markup to increase click through rate or CTR for your website or blog. The higher your page views, the more chances you have of getting noticed on Google results through more of your posts or content that is displayed using your Google+ profile.

If you don’t already have a Google+ profile, make one right now and use it to apply authorship markup for your business. Forget about all those difficult SEO practices that you haven’t implemented as yet.

Try Google Authorship to improve your Author Rank, build trust, create authority, and stop people from stealing your work.     Set up Google Authorship today and download our Google Authorship setup guide.  Happy Boosted Rankings!


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.