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Ever wonder how individuals are able to have their image placed next to their Google search engine results as shown below? Welcome to the new future of search engine optimization: Google Authorship.

Ever wonder how people have their image next to Google search engine results?

Google Authorship has been the talk of the town for individuals and businesses wanting to rank higher and more consistent in Google search.

Google Authorship, also known as Google Rank, is the new future of search engine optimization allowing authors to increase their search rankings click-through rates (CTR).

Another upside is Google Authorship allows for ownership of content, limiting the opportunity for online piracy. Click here for more on Google Authorship.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been overwhelmed with the number of emails from individuals and businesses trying to implement Google Authorship for their website(s).

Today’s post will be a quick and easy how-to guide to help you successfully setup your Google Authorship account. in hopes of having your image placed next to your authoritative online works.

Ready, well then here we go…

To start, download the pdf instruction guide or follow the steps below.

Getting Your Picture Next To Search Results Using Google Authorship

Download this easy step-by-step guide for instructions to how to have your image placed next to your Google search engine results: Google Authorship.


Open a web browser, and login to your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, click here to sign up. Once successfully logged in, click your name in the upper left hand corner as shown to be taken to your Google+ account.

google account sign up


Once taken to your Google+ profile, click the profile button on the left hand menu as shown below. In addition, be sure to add an appropriate and professional profile image of yourself.

google profile account button


Click the “About” link once shown your Google+ Profile.

google profile about link


Now, it’s time to check to see if your account has been associated with an email and verified.

It is recommended you create and use a business account if using this for a legitimate business, and not use your personal Google account for this. However, if you are a blogger and use a personal email, then do use this email.

Scroll down the page and find the “Contact Information” box. Click the “Edit” link.

contact email verify


If you have not associated your email, please enter your email and select the “Save” button.

contact verify save


The next step is a very important step.

You must sign up for Google Authorship and verify your email. There have been instances where when you sign up for a Google account and Google Authorship, you are directed to await a postcard with a pin code to verify you are indeed a real person living/working at a mailing address.

Be sure to have a valid mailing address associated with your address if you are a business and/or a valid phone number should the text option be available and you have a personal account.

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to receive the pin code postcard.

Sign up for Google Authorship here:

google authorship sign up page


Once successfully logged in the Google Authorship sign page changes, allowing you to enter your email address to be verified. Once completing this step, you are sent an email and/or pin code postcard to verify your account. Be sure to click the link to verify account.

google authorship verify email and save page


If you wanted another verification method, use Google Webmaster Tools to verify Google Authorship account. If you do not have a Google Webmaster Tools account, please create one using the link in the previous sentence. If you have a Google Webmaster Tools account, login to your account and use the “verify Google Authorship” link above to verify your account to be taken to the area shown below.

google webmaster tools authorship verify


Enter in the website you are associating your Google Authorship account too and click the “Preview” button.

google webmaster tools authorship verification


You will be shown a screen for the website entered. Scroll or focus your attention on the “Authorship Email Verification” section.

google webmaster authorship email verify


Once locating the Authorship Email Verification, either click the “verified an email address” or enter your Google+ profile link and click the “Verify Authorship” to verify either email address or authorship account.

google profile id verify


That’s how you verify your email and your Google+ profile account for Google Authorship.

Let’s move forward with linking your account to websites where you post content.

In the web browser, go back to your Google+ profile and click the “About Us” link. Now scroll until you find the Links section as shown in the screenshot. Click the “Edit” link.

google profile links edit


Click the “Edit” link, the following modal will be shown. Click the “Add custom link” link in the Contributor to section.

google profile links add


Enter in the website information where you contribute as shown in the screenshot. Notice you can associate past and current contribution. Add as many websites as needed.

google profile links contribute


Each website and the respective contributor and tense are listed. Click “Save” once done adding contribution websites.

google profile contribution save


Next, it is time to add your Google+ Profile link to the websites you contribute too.

Find your Google+ Profile link as shown in the screen shot.

google profile id link


Copy/paste and use the following code examples below, adding a Google+ link to your posts as well as each website you contribute too. And what if you guest post and would like the post to be associated with you? Simply add on the links below to your post.

google authorship link examples


<a href=””>Google+</a>

<a rel=”author” href=””>Google+</a>

<a rel=”me” href=””>Google+</a>


As example, we have associated our Google Authorship Profile link to our social media badge on every page.

google authorship social media badge


If you have more than one author of a website, then we suggest you add an author box as shown below to each resource posting for each respective author. If you use WordPress, there are numerous author box plugins (i.e. Author Box Reloaded). I’m personally using Better Author Bio.

google authorship about box


Now it is time to test and see if Google recognizes your snippet of code added to your website as we did earlier in this exercise. Your account should now be verified. Give it 1-2 weeks and run a few searches and you should see your image next to your search results.

That’s it, just that simple to place your picture next to search results using Google Authorship.

Congratulations, and enjoy the increase search engine ranking boost!


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.