How is your website’s backlink profile looking these days? Are you steadily garnering new links from a multitude of high-quality websites?

If you can’t answer those questions honestly, or you answered honestly with only a handful links not worth writing home about, then today’s post is strictly for you.

And don’t worry, I’ll go light on you although I probably shouldn’t.

Nevertheless, I’m providing you with the link building strategy round up that will do the following:

  1. Inspire those of you that are not currently link building to get started if you have not a clue where to begin sound and search-safe link building
  2. Give those of you a good swift kick in the pants if you’ve approach or manage ongoing link building in a lazy manner
  3. Correct those of you who have gone towards the dark and wayward path of eating at the “all-you-can-link-buy” buffet

I encourage you to read, study, and re-read each link building post in this round up series.

If you have questions, then please don’t hesitate one bit to drop a comment at the end of this post.

It’ll be my pleasure to help answer any questions or concerns you may have as it pertains to sound and search-safe link building.

Link wheels: Is your SEO linked to a bad wheel?

What, is your website linked to a bad link wheel, or host of bad or low-quality websites? The odds are that you tried to pass proverbial search “GO” without paying full admission.

Nevertheless, now you find yourself paying even more because you lost search rankings, traffic, and new business. OUCH.

But no need to fear, simply read this post on the repercussions being linked to bad SEO link wheels to find out what actually happened and how you can reverse your newly found fortune (I know, that hurt to type!).

Pros and Cons of SEO Link Wheels

This easy-to-read intro will cover the various ins and outs of SEO links wheels, and how each can positively and negatively impact your website’s search rankings.

Not every link building opportunity afforded to you has your best interest at heart when using SEO link wheels.

The Organic Link Wheel of SEO

Okay, not all SEO link wheels are bad, per say.

You just have to consider the types of actions SEO link wheels promote before you wholeheartedly engage your website and checkbook.

Read and learn more about what is an appropriate method for organically or naturally building a SEO link wheel that boosts your website’s search ranking, and what is nothing more than smoke and mirrors link building sold to you as an organic SEO link wheel.

Is your website a link building officer? If not, get a badge.

One of the most easiest ways to garner links naturally is by producing website badges for customers to proudly display on their website, blogs, reviews or any other online marketing collateral.

Read and learn how implementing and executing badges can help boost not only your website’s backlink profile, but search rankings too.

8 link building strategies that destroy search rankings

In this post, I go hard in the paint (cheesy, I know!) on the 8 most common link building strategies that destroy any businesses SEO effort and search rankings.

Not only do I discuss the illegitimate methods of link building using dark or black-hat SEO, but I also engage you the inverse action that should be taken to achieve a search-safe link building strategy and backlink profile.

Increasing Backlinks With Current Events SEO

A very common and overlooked link building method for increasing a website’s backlink profile is the use of current events SEO.

In this link building article, you’ll learn some easy-to-use tips and tricks for how to effectively identify, implement and execute sound current events SEO.

I also get you hip to the game of the incorrect link building methods of chasing current events SEO for the sole sake of increased backlinks.

Is buying and forwarding expired domains an effective SEO strategy?

This post is quite the post, and will open your eyes to a world of buying and forwarding expired domains in an effort to build sound backlinks, and boost overall website traffic and search rankings.

I give and discuss examples of what to look for should you consider buying and forwarding expired domains an effective SEO strategy.

To buy and forward, or not? Well, you must read to find out…

SEO Pitfall: Benchmarking your website vs. the competition’s link building strategies

Every business should read this post before they spend one minute or dime attempting to establish a sustainable link building strategy.

Too many times I’ve seen most businesses settle for a copycat link building strategy implemented by their competitors.

Sure, it’s okay to show up in a few places with your competitor, but when you choose to use their same blueprint for success, let’s just say that its not always smiles, giggles and profitability.

And if you don’t believe me, then read this post and find out how fell for a corrupt and deceptive link building strategy, and how much it cost them in the end.

When it’s time to disavow links to rehab search rankings

Okay, so if you have fallen victim to deceptive link building practices and need to clean up your website’s backlink profile, then spend a good bit of your time reading this post to learn how to rehab your search rankings disavowing bad links.

Small Business Guide to Effective Link Building

And last but not least, I’ve taken time to assemble a small business guide to effective link building.

And guess what? That’s right, it’s FREE for you to download!

Simply, it’s a 14-page PDF document that outlines in great detail a variety of effective link building strategies for small business owners to DO and NOT DO.

If you don’t have time to research and plan your strategy, then this is your go-to link building resource that’ll get you started and down the path of search-safe link building.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.