If you’ve had any sort of experience with SEO over the last few years, then you should understand the complexity of trying to garner and perfect the art and science of increasing your website’s backlink profile.

Pros and cons of using current events SEO.Trying to increase one’s website backlink profile is much like or as difficult as trying to get the inside scoop on a news story before it goes public.

There are a number link building methods, both good and bad, one can use to destroy or increase a website’s backlink profile.

One good link building method is writing content that is value-add and worth sharing. A bad link building method is buying links via paid link services or some unauthentic linking approach.

And those are just starters that lead to a multitude of link building strategies.

But what I care to give focus to today is how you can increase backlinks using current events SEO tactics and techniques.

Current events SEO is definitely a great way not to only increase backlinks, but writing about current events in the right way, at the right time, and about the right topic can cause your website to be and remain relevant.

Write relevant content using current events SEO

And if there is one thing that matters most in SEO, it’s pure relevancy at it relates to one’s content. The same is exponentially magnified when writing relevant content using current events SEO.

It will do you or your reader audience no good to write about current events that have nothing to do or no slight relation to your industry. You’ll end up with a smorgasbord of unrelated content that’ll have your website looking much a like a news website.

Don’t get me wrong, news websites are great. However, the problem is that most small businesses can’t scale content like the big news websites. So trying to scale like the big boys will only be a waste of your time.

My advice is to small businesses looking to get the biggest bank for the buck investing in using current events SEO is to stick to local and industry news. The news doesn’t have to be boring if and when you think outside of the box while writing relevant content.

chipotle-pizzeria-localeFor example, last month Chipotle expanded its business to now include a pizza concept, Pizzeria Locale. I have a customer that specializes in business process improvement and business process management systems coaching and consulting.

This customer could have capitalized on this current event by writing about Chipotle’s Pizzeria Locale launch as it relates to business process improvement, and the varying differences between Pizzeria Locale’s processes and the industry in general.

Then associating the content more to their own business process improvement beliefs and values, the customer could have easily highlighted the pros and cons of of how they see such a move playing out for Chipotle as well as the industry as a whole.

For some readers, this type of content may be boring, but for business process improvement and management professionals, this type of content would highly engage them and draw their feedback.

Now this is just one example of using current events SEO that could lead to increasing the following:

  • Search ranking for a popular event
  • Website traffic and engagement
  • Backlinking opportunities
  • Readership and potential customers

Don’t write about current events for the sole purpose of SEO rankings

Simply put, if you’re going to write about current events as a part of your SEO effort, make your investment count.

A word of wisdom: don’t write about events just for the sake of writing content to increase SEO rankings. Hear me and let it be known: IT WILL NOT WORK!

Reader’s will see and read through your content and realize that you’re doing nothing more than just writing content for the sole sake of false link baiting.

And in the long run, this false link baiting will do more harm for you than good should you write really relevant content going forward.

So plan and write content that is sure to place you as an authoritative figure on the topic and make it relate to your industry.

That said, this leads me to the next important piece of using current events SEO: writing about an experience.

Connect readers to an experience when using current events SEO

If you can ever master the art of storytelling, and making the experience one that is personal and relatable, this will always win an audience.

There is something about hearing and reading the story of someone’s struggles and challenges, and how they overcome those that brings life to content.

When this happens using current events SEO, the content openly invites itself to being shared with the masses within your given industry. Most times, readers will graciously share this content with those in mind that they know it will help and transfigure their lives.

And this is why I consult and coach small businesses using current events SEO to always write about an experience. If you can’t write about an experience, it’s best to not write at all.

For instance, a few weeks ago I wrote about my experience with GoDaddy’s “Pending WHOIS Verification” and phishing email scam.

godaddy-logoAt the time, I didn’t realize I was the first to speak and publish my experience and remedy online about event that impacted hundreds of thousand GoDaddy customers.

However, little did I know that from the moment I published my content, it was indexed by Google within an hour and ranked on the first page for multiple keyword phrases with Google authorship.

GoDaddy customer’s experienced the same thing as myself and were searching for answers across the web. And because my post was topically relevant and first, I was able to ride the wave of increased website traffic.

My website traffic has spiked like crazy over the last few weeks from the shares, likes, posts, tweets and retweets from many around the globe. And still consistent at this very moment as I type.

So how did this happen, you ask?

A plethora of bloggers and forums that shared my post with their reader audience, endorsing my post as a legit answer to their problems. This sharing was a homerun for my website’s backlink profile and website traffic.

In addition to garnering some very lucrative organic links from established websites with high page and domain authority, my reader audience was expanded to people I never would have met otherwise.

However, the best thing about inadvertently writing about my experience was receiving new customer inquiries for domain name purchases and SEO services.

And when performed in the right manner and spirit, using current events SEO can do the same, if not more, for your business.

Best resources when using current events SEO

One of the first places I instruct most small business owners is their local news and radio stations. Typically, these types of outlets will alert you to breaking news.

If you’re like me, I tend to keep a TV on and nearby, or a web browser open with some sort of news that automatically updates periodically.

Google Trends and StumbleUpon are additional tools to use to view what topics are trending on the web. You’ll find everything from entertainment to music to food to fashion to music to sports and more.

I also recommend Facebook Trends and Twitter Trends as other options. Both provide trending features that allow you to view what topics are trending on their respective networks. I would recommend Twitter more over Facebook only because Twitter has become the crowdreporting tool of choice for breaking news as it happens.

And there are many other tools that you’ll find online that will allow you to view trending topics.

Finding and maintaining your place in current events SEO

In closing, I hope reading this post helps you understand the value of using current events SEO and the role it can play in helping to increase your website’s backlink profile and traffic, page and domain authority, and connecting with a new reader audience of potential customers.

Current events SEO can definitely be an impactful tool executed as a part of your SEO effort. Current events SEO can help you maintain and increase search rankings when your content is written in a relevant and experiential manner that aims to educate and engage customers.

Results are not promised by any means, so it’s imperative you write relevant content when using current events SEO. Doing so will ensure that you don’t cause harm to your content and author reputation, website and disgruntle your reader audience.

What has been your experience using current events SEO?


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.