How to increase website page and domain authority

Recently I was asked by a customer questions pertaining to page and domain authority.

Page and domain authority tips and tricksI knew the end picture of where the customer was aiming and trying to arrive at was a website with increased organic search rankings and traffic for a long list of keywords.

Keeping that at the forefront of each interaction with the customer, I set out to help this customer understand the nuances of page and domain authority as it relates to SEO in general and organic search rankings.

Of course, both page and domain authority can be easily defined and explained.

However, the murkiness around both becomes obvious for those owning websites trying to obtain and sustain both.

What is Page and Domain Authority?

In short, page and domain authority are two out of 200 search ranking factors owners of websites must consider when exciting any type of SEO services.

Page authority is just what it implies. Page authority refers to a given page’s popularity which is comprised of social signals, and various on-page and off-page optimizations to say the least.

A website’s domain can have mediocre domain authority while having a page or a few pages with very favorable or high ranking page authority.

For example, website owners may find that their overall website about their given topic or industry is lacking at a domain authority level, but a page about the top 100 things to do in a given industry is commanding a page authority to be envied by many.

Typically, pages or blog posts that boast lists of value-add things will do well because they are shared by many and promote immediate actions users can take to remedy their challenging circumstance or situation.

When this sharing happens naturally across multiple media, such as other blogs and websites with the same or more page and domain authority, social network sharing and liking, non-spammy and engaging commenting, these activities will skyrocket a page’s authority as well as organic search rankings and traffic.

Now take the same thing said about page authority and perform those actions throughout your entire website to arrive at domain authority. Obtaining domain authority and sustaining it can be quite a tall order for small businesses.

Influencing page and domain authority

Most small businesses are prohibited in terms of the resources they can commit to search marketing and other inbound marketing strategies and tactics.

Always short on time, money labor or any combination of the three, small businesses can feel that obtaining page and domain authority is a science.

Obtaining page and domain authority is a science, but as match as it is a science, it is also very much an art.

You can’t create content for content’s sake, and expect the page and domain authority god’s of SEO to shower you with favorable results that increase search rankings and overall website traffic. Nor can you buy your way to the top with paid link building strategies.  It just doesn’t happen that way, sorry.

Which leads me to one of the greatest and most important areas one must focus on when dealing with SEO in general: Content Marketing. Yes, the dreadful CM.

Most website owners don’t mind creating and writing content for the sake of ranking in search engines is how the story was once told.

Before Content Marketing, page and domain authority was easily manipulated

At one moment in SEO history, a website owner could rank overnight in search engines by keyword stuffing their content to no end, and buying keyword-related links by the hundreds and thousands from off-topic, low-quality websites.

As long as you had the time, money and labor to do the work yourself or hire someone or a group of people, then your website and page ranking was golden.

And of course, with website and page rank running amok, it was only a matter of time before website owners would find a way to monetize their entire website based on page rank, which would later be known as a meticulously redefined and more complex page and domain authority.

SEO history has shown time after time again that when website owners participate in deceptive SEO tactics and techniques, they force the hands of the almighty search engines to crackdown on such behavior.

And so as the story continued, before we knew it, Pandas and Penguins were on the loose severely penalizing and de-indexing websites to no end for buying links from link farms and networks, and creating low-quality websites with thin content or deceptively written content.

No matter the quality of the linking or content source, search engines spared websites little room to maneuver when it came to shady SEO and still do to this very day.

Page and domain authority will impact future SEO

As time progresses, you and the masses involved with SEO on a daily can bet the farm that both page and domain authority will only increase in complexity.

As deceptive website owners attempt to cheat and exploit every loophole known to man, it will become more increasingly challenging to game search engines in an effort to obtain favorable page and domain authority, organic search rankings and increased organic website traffic.

So that leaves all who don’t want to be severely penalized or de-indexed working with a vision of creating and executing sound content marketing strategies focused on speaking to and solving a customer’s problem as it pertains to your industry or niche.

As for the customer, I silenced the customer as they came to the realization that it was not about the science in creating massive quantities of links and content.

However, the customer came to clearly understand that SEO was about the art of of not relying on scientific gimmicks in creating engaging content as defined by their own customer’s willingness to voluntarily share their content with the internet masses.

Not many find success in sound content marketing that produces profitable results.

For those that are gifted and talented enough to refine such a sought after SEO skillset, they are diamonds in the rough and worth every bit of the SEO value they generate in the execution of sound content marketing.

In the end, when executed according to the search-safe guidelines and policies of search engines, sound content marketing creates a domino effect of viral marketing that naturally leads to sustained SEO favor.  In return, this SEO favor lends itself to dominance in both page and domain authority.

What has been your experience with influencing and increasing your website’s page and domain authority?

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.