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When entering into the domain industry with great hopes, wishes, and dreams of striking it rich as a domain investor, most domain investors would ever imagine having to mortgage their house in order for their dream to be realized.

Well, that very thought as well as few others was considered by Drew Wash — a long-time domain investor, and entrepreneur of MovingSites.com, a host of website communities designed to bring experts together.

In a recent podcast episode, Drew recounts the story of mortgaging his house and flying to Los Angeles to seal the deal on purchasing Towing.com as an upgrade from AutoTowing.com.

In addition, Drew shares lessons learned about how to structure domain development opportunities for profitable success.

Lastly, you’ll want to listen to this episode in its entirety as Drew shares the insightful details about an upcoming documentary about developing 3 premium domains into profitable businesses by NamesCon 2019.

So, press play, sit back, and listen, and glean domain investing and development insight from one of the best in the business, Drew Wash. Thanks and that’s all for now!



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