With YouTube video viewing on the rise due to exponential mobile and tablet use, individuals and businesses are desperately trying to find feasible methods to increase their YouTube views, comments and likes.

Everyone is competing to have their video ranked for a multitude of keywords. The hope is that their video will snowball and become a viral sensation.

For some, having their YouTube videos go viral is the difference in their business being in the red or black for the entire year.

With much on the line, personally and professionally, many businesses posting YouTube videos are willing to try just about anything to increase their subscribership and viewership numbers.

But today, I’ll share with you the 3 top actions you shouldn’t take when trying to increase your YouTube video viewership and subscribership numbers. The actions that I’ll discuss will definitely decrease, if not destroy, your YouTube video rankings in search engines.

Don’t inflate your videos with useless annotations

One of the quickest ways to lose video viewers and video search rankings is to stuff your videos with useless annotations. Fake annotations do nothing more for your videos despite the masses claiming that they boost video search rankings.

Most viewers will find overly annotated videos as tasteless, and trying to sell them or game them in some fashion.

In addition, adding fake annotations will cause your viewership and subscribership numbers to drastically suffer. Not to mention that you video will receive a large number of dislikes and negative comments from viewers and subscribers alike.

Don’t pull the ole’ bait and switch description trick

Video search engines, and of course human viewers and subscribers, will quickly figure out when videos are overly selling themselves as something they are not.

One of the biggest and dead giveaways a video is participating in false advertisement is the video will often inflate their description.

Such videos will tend to over promise to viewers and subscribers for what they are about to view. This overzealous promising does nothing positive for you, or viewers and subscribers.

If anything, pumping up video descriptions with false content will only make you appear very desperate and unauthentic. And video search engines will take notice and severely penalize your video for such poor user engagement and experience.

Yes, duplicate content can destroy video search rankings

Just as false content descriptions can destroy search rankings, duplicate content can do the same, if not worse.

Many times, people and businesses will try to upload content that is already present in search engines.

Typically, this is performed to increase viewership and subscribership numbers.

It’s best to remember and keep in mind that no one wants to be shown something they’ve already seen elsewhere. Be original with your video content just as you would with normal content marketing for your website.  Don’t duplicate the works of others.

Should duplicate the work of others and it is proven, not only will your account be penalized, but the video and your account could be suspended indefinitely.

And once this happens, your search rankings for videos will be toilet flushed. All your hard work will be gone and considered a loss.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.