Only a few days remain in this year, closing in fast to being only hours.

There is quite a bit to do before year end as we prepare for a new year.

And as I do every year, I take a moment to perform 11 MUST-DO SEO actions to my website.  Some of the 11 SEO actions I perform consistently throughout the year.

However, even if I lost track of time during the year, I make sure that the SEO actions we’ll soon discuss are completed at the end of each year without fail.


end of year seo actions

There’s always chatter about the coming year, and what SEO this or that will impact a website and it’s overall search rankings.

I’m not discounting those articles and predictions.  In fact, I have my own 2016 SEO predictions to be published soon enough.

Stick around and you’ll see.  But I digress.

There are more than 11 SEO actions to perform on any given website at any point in time.  Some of the actions I’ll soon discuss are reactive while most are going to be preventative.

The preventative steps will aim to help you successfully and safely manage your website’s growing content while keeping it search friendly and safe.

I’m sharing with you actions that I personally find and see substantial benefits to performing at the end of each year for my own website.

I hope you receive the same benefits, if not more, that I have from performing the following 11 SEO actions.

Pingdom speed test my website

You do what with and to your webiste? Hold on now.  Don’t get all antsy and nervous on me just yet.

I know the term “Pingdom” sounds crazy, but I use a tool called Pingdom to test the speed of my website as well as show various website aspects that I need to improve.

Speed is a factor when it comes to search ranking, and Pingdom is just a tool to help you understand how your website’s speed.

See a screenshot of the tool below and head on over to Pingdom your website. Click the image to view a larger screenshot of my website’s Pingdom speed test.  Your welcome. 😉

Pingdom your website's speed

Make sure CMS and associated plugins are updated

One of the most missed items I see many business owners forget about is ensuring that their website’s CMS and associated plugins are up to date.

Not having the most up to date software can allow for your website to be hacked, which leads to the demise of SEO efforts you’ve work so hard to achieve. Keep those plugins updated as well as REMOVE or DELETE plugins that are not activated or no longer used.

If you’re not using a CMS or lost about what a CMS is, then you’re behind. That’s all.

Check and repair broken links throughout website

Much can happen within a year, so it’s in your best interest to check for broken links throughout your website.

Sometimes a website goes defunct or belly up. Other times a website switches to a new domain, or content is removed altogether.

I use Screaming Frog software to check a number of SEO items for my website, and one of those is broken links.

No index or update expired content

I review each and every post that was made during this year. In most cases where content is out of date, I no index the content while directing search engines to follow links within the blog post. In some cases, I review previous years content as well and perform the same actions.

Review social media shares for Twitter and Facebook

I review the variation of tweets and posts were the most engage for the year. I take note of the content topic for future content creation. I then automate the specific tweets and posts that were most engaged using SocialOomph for the next 6 months.

There are other tools like Hootsuite and Buffer than can make this happen too.

Personally, I choose SocialOomph due to liking their product when it was first birthed. It still has room for improvement, but they’ve done a great job with over the years.

Analyze most viewed blog posts

Much information can be gleaned from checking your website’s most viewed blog posts. I make a list of each most viewed post, noting the topic and post age.

Personally, this provides me with great insight as to what topics resonated well my readers (that’s you!), and in some cases, allows for me to compare my top 10 posts to compare and contrast.

Review most commented blog posts

You might think this action is the same as the most viewed posts action (the previous item above).  Whether you did or didn’t think they were the same, you can keep reading. 🙂

I’ve identified interesting details and gained insight for content ideas when reviewing posts with the most comments. I recommend doing this because you can find questions, rebuttals and a great insight for future topics to write about.

Identify top key search terms for website

I personally use Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), Google Analytics (GA) and the Search Meter (SM) plugin for WordPress.

The latter of the three offers exact search terms for website visitors that Google tools can sometimes mark as “(not provided)”. I use SM to compare keywords with GWT and GA keyword data. I then use the data to modify posts to be more in line with keywords and keyword phrases.

One good thing about SM is that it allows viewing of keyword search terms and the number of pages/posts that your website returns for each keyword search term.

Ensure automated posting is enabled

Although I perform this SEO action quarterly, I make an effort to double and triple check at the end of the year to make sure my posts are automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook using various WP plugins.

You’d be surprised how many times plugins silently stop or malfunction. Every post and social share counts in link building, but please be aware how you automate SEO actions when it comes to link building.

Submit my sitemap to Google

This last one is really is an optional step, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I submit my site to Google Webmaster Tools 2-3 times a year. Obviously, if you’re getting social shares and decent traffic for search results, then it is likely Google is indexing your website.

And if you’re not tired, here’s the 11th and final SEO action…

For those of you still chomping at the bit for even more DIY SEO actions, might I suggest and recommend that you read the following: 108 Actions To Increase Website Traffic and Search Rankings.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.