Why paying per lead using local SEO is a sound investment

If you own or operate a local business and are in need of increasing local SEO and search rankings for your business, then you’ll definitely want to continue reading why paying per lead using local SEO is the most sound investment your small business can make.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to raise my head and breathe.

Things around here at Kickstart Commerce are kicking into high gear with local SEO, converting more pay-for-performance SEO customers.

And why are customers choosing pay-for-performance SEO to boost their local SEO efforts?

Lowering the risk and initial monetary investment of customers, pay-for-performance SEO is becoming the go-to service for those customers who have had the nightmare SEO experience or those that are just not sure about SEO in general.

More specifically, I’ve recently had an uptick in customers wanting to pay per lead for more local business.

Most of the customers operate service-oriented businesses like plumbing, heating and air, financial, insurance and legal.

Most potential customers and customers tend to have a primary website and are not looking to make the investment for a SEO retainer or Fixed-price SEO.

Most of the time when I field calls, they’ve heard about my pay-for-performance SEO services through an existing customer.

Typically, those inquiring have heard about how I help drive more local business using sound local SEO strategies and a fully-developed and continuously updated secondary website that I own and operate on behalf of the customer.

More often than not, most potential customers are a bit skeptical at why and how they can participate in boosting their local SEO while only paying per lead and not the full investment of a typical local SEO strategy.

For one, local SEO tends to be much easier to rank for than say regional, national and global SEO campaigns, although this may vary depending on your line of business or niche you service.

Those who own and operate small businesses that tailor their services to meet the needs of a local market can really win big using pay-for-performance SEO services.

Next, there is no investment for customers in need of local SEO using pay-for-performance SEO services.  No setup cost or initial out of pocket costs.

I buy the domain name and web hosting, and then develop and fully optimize a professional looking website with continuously updated high-quality content crafted to rank well across major search engines.

Simply, I wash, rinse, and repeat my local SEO strategy for each customer website until they rank on page one of search engines for multiple keywords.

Sound too good to be true to not ask much of the customer in the form of payment yet do so much work without ever receiving one dime, right?

It’s true and all the customer does is submit their keywords and be ready to field the business, and I do the rest.

And what about payment terms, you ask?  The only money that leaves the customer’s hands is when rankings and leads are provided as agreed to in the services agreement.

It’s simple and there is no risk for the customer, rather reduced risk in comparison to the traditional SEO services for small businesses.

Again, I assume all the risk of investing in your business in hopes to get your ranked.

After all, should the secondary website not be ranked, then no harm is done to the customers primary website and I will have lost nothing but time, content cost and operations cost to setup and manage the local SEO effort.

For my part, I know it sounds crazy that I would hedge such a bet, pushing all chips to the center of the SEO table.

But the reality is that I know from experience that sound SEO principles will always win over those that take shortcuts to short-term search rankings.

Now local SEO results don’t happen overnight, but SEO results can and do happen within a reasonable timeframe.

Timeframe is only a ballpark figure as there are many variables, some in my control while most are outside of my control, that determine how well and fast pay-for-performance SEO services can start ranking and increasing the bottomline of your business.

So there you have it!  There is low to no risk for you and your small business to participate in a local SEO effort utilizing pay-for-performance SEO services.

Even if you don’t move forward as a customer and have SEO questions about your own website, or how successful or not pay-for-performance SEO services can be for your line of business, give me a call or leave me a comment below.

Until next post, cheers and best wishes with your local SEO efforts!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.