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Pay for performance SEO is the best SEO option, or is it?

I receive many inquiries and phone calls on a weekly basis from potential customers asking about pay for performance search engine optimization (SEO).

pay for performance seo pricingSome think that there is fine print and hidden strings attached to such a too good to be true SEO offer.

Some have never heard of such a SEO offering, and think that it is a scam of some sort.

Some are skeptical based on previous experience with a SEO professional or firm that took advantage of their company using deceptive SEO practices.

Some knew about and even asked for deceptive SEO strategies and practices all for the sake of making money.

All the while, others unknowingly were taken advantage of with a $99 SEO offer that was too good to be true by some fly-by-night SEO company or a Fiverr deal promising traffic – not qualified traffic.

But for every bad experience, there are customers who have yet to experience the good, the bad and ugly of SEO.

And before you have a nightmare experience, or should you have already experienced one, I’ll tell you point blank why pay for performance is your best option.

Who would offer pay for performance SEO?

Customers, with no SEO experience, simply inquire about pay for performance SEO because it sounds too good to be true.

They want to ask and pose every question they can. You know, kick the tires until they off the rim as they suspect.

I mean, how many SEO companies do you recall that offer to optimize and rank your website without having received one dime and without using black-hat or deceptive SEO strategies?

Think about that question for a moment.

Really, how is it possible to optimize and rank a website using only white-hat SEO without ever receiving a dime of payment until their website is ranked?

I hear “Who would do such a thing?” quite often on the other end of the phone as I explain the difference in our pay for performance SEO, fixed price SEO and SEO retainer service offerings.

Pay for performance SEO lessens the risk and upfront investment for your business

pay for performance seo lessens riskAnd believe me, there is quite a bit of risk associated with performing pay for performance SEO for customers.

I mean, after all, my company lessens the risk and upfront investment for customers while assuming the time, money and resource investment risk to attempt to rank a website first without having a customer make one payment.

Who’s to say that we can’t get the website ranked?

We don’t take back or destroy any of our performed SEO strategies.

Nor do we deploy black-hat or deceptive SEO strategies to sabotage the work already performed.

Keep in mind that it is no guarantee that we can get your website ranked or keep it ranked.

From Pandas to Penguins to Hummingbirds and who knows what animal update is just around the corner, our job of pay for performance SEO is nothing short of a miracle.

And should we not be able to get your website ranked in one year, you essentially receive free unique, value-add content tailored just for your business, a fully optimized website for agreed to keywords, increased social awareness and sharing, increased sound link building strategies.

Pay for performance SEO grows your business – both customers and revenue

We offer pay for performance SEO because we understand what it means to be a small or medium sized business trying to compete in the vast world of the Internet.

It’s more than just SEO and more than just collecting a monthly fee from our customers.

We understand that most small business owners depend primarily on the Internet as well as other marketing strategies to sustain and grow a business.

After all, there are only so many hours in a day that a small business owner, like yourself, can work to keep your doors open, customers happy, employees happy and paid, and last but not least, pay your wage as well.

I mean, who has time to learn SEO themselves?

So maybe we are crazy for offering pay for performance SEO.

But then again, I know pay for performance SEO helps to level the playing field for small business owners strapped for cash and time.

The last thing you need is to be ripped off by someone using deceptive SEO practices.

As for me, I put my money where my mouth is to offer and explain to customers why pay for performance is the best option to start with in their SEO effort.

Some remain on pay for performance SEO while others upgrade SEO efforts

Sure, there are some customers that continue to focus on 1-3 keywords using pay-for-performance as their cost-effective SEO choice to pay per ranked keyword and no setup costs.

Others start with our SEO Retainer or even migrate from pay for performance SEO to the SEO Retainer because they want to focus on a large number of traffic generating keywords.

These customers enjoy the cost-effectiveness of a SEO Retainer based and priced on overall value versus paying per ranked keyword pricing.

My hope is that Kickstart Commerce removes and lessens the emotional and financial investment in a potential customer’s SEO efforts while increasing the odds of consistently generating qualified traffic that converts using sound, proven rankings based performance SEO.

Either way, when offering pay for performance SEO, I step out on faith and assume all risk to help customers long before they pay me a dime to consistently grow their customer base and generate greater revenue.

After all, there is always a great chance that I may never rank a website and get paid. After all, in SEO, there are no guarantees of rankings.

But with pay for performance SEO, my guarantee to you is to use only white-hat SEO and that you won’t pay until you rank as agreed too.

And that is my reason why pay for performance SEO is your best option!

Give me a call should you have questions or leave a comment below with your thoughts.



Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.