A series about increasing SEO effectiveness by having a consistent SEO audit performed.

Well, it’s the second day of the second half of the year.  And my question to most customers and potential customers is, “What did you do with the first half of the year?”

Personally speaking, the first six months of the year was phenomenal for me both on a personal and professional level.

My hope is that you set and achieved goals on both a personal and professional level.

As it relates to business, I hope your business has been able to make leaps and bounds in achieving greater customer growth and revenue.

That said, today wraps up our series: SEO Audit Increases SEO Effectiveness.  I hope that both Part I and Part II have helped you identify opportunities for SEO growth as well as confirm SEO successes.

Too, I hope you’ve had a chance to perform a SEO Audit or have an SEO Audit performed on your website.

If not, what are you waiting for?  Time is passing by and so are endless opportunities to increase search rankings, traffic, customers and sales.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss how performing a SEO audit will help shed light on the dark areas of your website and benchmark your SEO efforts in comparison to the competition.

Let’s move full speed ahead.

6. A SEO audit eliminates wasting time SEO’ing in the dark

Stop SEOing in the dark and have a SEO audit performed.Do you want to achieve incredible SEO success that brings your website increased traffic and converting sales?

Then let me help you discover the secret: you have to avoid the penalties of search engines. Okay, I know that this was not a secret.

However, you would be amazed at the number of website owners working day and night to rank their website while their website has been penalized unknowingly for the following:

And if their website has not been officially penalized, then it has been ranked in a negative manner not conducive to being placed on page one or two in search engine results.

The irony is that simple actions, like performing a SEO audit, could have saved time, money and effort that they can’t get back.

If you unable to get your website ranked for head and long tail keywords within 120 days of performing SEO actions, then I suggest a SEO audit be performed immediately.

There is no sense in wasting endless cycles of time, money, and effort when your website is never going to perform due to a penalty or negatively impacting SEO actions or inaction.

In the long run, the time and money spent for a SEO audit will be well spent.

You’ll likely come out ahead anyway, despite your website being penalized.

Always remember that performing a consistent SEO audit is the only way to know about the complicated errors that may or may not result in search engine penalties.

Stop SEO’ing in the dark have your next SEO audit performed ASAP to identify the errors and room for improvement, receiving sound and proven SEO techniques and tactics.

7. A SEO audit helps you compare and benchmark the competition

Have a SEO audit performed to stop wasting time, effort, and money on ineffective SEO efforts.And finally, in any business, analyzing and evaluating your SEO efforts in comparison to the competition and their SEO efforts is always a respectable and wise action to take.

Never know, you may be surprised that the competition is attempting some, if not all, of your strategies.

I’ve experienced customers that are aggravated that their strategies are not as effective as they were a few months ago.

Then once I perform an SEO audit, in many cases, I’ve found my customer’s competition are not only implementing and executing, but they are doing so on a grander scale than my customer.

And so many times my customers have wanted to throw in the towel because they thought their SEO efforts we not working effectively.

Many times it is not that your SEO efforts are not effective, but sometimes it is that your SEO efforts are lacking in terms of scalability and quantity as opposed to the competition.

This is yet another reason to always have a SEO audit performed.

To consistently achieve certain SEO success it is very important to always keep a tab and an eye on your competitors.

Performing a SEO audit helps you to identify, implement and execute sound, smart SEO decisions for your website while dethroning and overtaking the competition.

Series conclusion of SEO Audit increases SEO effectiveness

And that’s it!  We have covered a multitude of topics and ideas to help you gain greater insight for the importance of a SEO audit for your website.

I encourage each of you to read more literature in regards to the topics covered below and SEO in general.

More importantly, it is highly encouraged you be responsible for taking action and having a SEO audit performed at least once or twice a year.

As a recap, there are countless SEO opportunities to be gained and had by having a a SEO audit performed:

  • Create and operate a website that is more than a field of dreams
  • Determines sound structure to rank well in search engines
  • Helps to identify and verify website crawl and index frequency
  • Identify on-page optimized pages no longer ranking
  • Eliminate forgetting or neglecting off-page optimization
  • Stop wasting time SEOing in the dark
  • Compare and benchmark the competition’s SEO efforts

Again, it is my hope that you have been introduced to a number of reasons why regularly performing SEO Audits on your website can lead you to increased search engine rankings and traffics.

And through increased search engine rankings and traffic, I hope you are able to capitalize and convert the traffic from potential customers to long-term customer relationships that are profitable.

Well, until the next series or post, happy effective SEO’ing and auditing.

P.S. And as a shameless plug, I would be honored to perform a FREE SEO audit for your website.  Just visit RoundRockSEOServices.com and complete the form.  We’ll setup a time to further discuss the next steps.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.