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Websites generating greater customer growth and revenue.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Ethan Berle (CTO) and Dave Thompson (CRO) about Las Vegas-based company Flye and how it’s pioneering emoji marketing services.

🤔 If you’re thinking the name Flye sounds familiar, then you’re thinking right.  Flye has been featured in recent interviews:

Attending NamesCon 2018 afforded me the opportunity to have a in-person conversation to dive deeper into detail with two of the four founding members of Flye: Ethan and Dave. Continue reading

I’m back with another weird WordPress fix for likely a problem encountered by many, whether you ever admit to it or not. 😜

At the request of a customer that’s been with us 10 years and counting now, I’m working to update and fix a few aged items relating to their website’s user experience.

Everything was going well until I attempted to upgrade the website to use a more lightweight and intuitive plugin to create a “before and after” slideshow of their project work. 🤨

To complicate things a bit, I unknowingly experimented with a few discontinued WordPress plugins no longer supported.

So wish WordPress developers would update their plugins more often with discontinued support messages. 😤  But I digress.

Each time I would install, activate, configure, and implement a image gallery or slideshow plugin for WordPress, I encountered the same error: Continue reading

It’s the top of another fast moving day. To get this day started off, I discovered an opportunity to save money on your next emoji domain purchase.

So, if you so desire to own a .TO emoji domain, then today’s offer could be just the opportunity to secure a single or combo emoji domain. Continue reading

What a winding path I’ve been since starting this both nearly 5 years ago.

From my early start with a focus on search marketing to current contentment and assignment as a Domain Name Strategist and Domain Investor.

It’s been a fun journey, especially since I’ve settled into the art and science and wheeling and dealing domains.

I don’t have many sales a year, but I aim to sale at least 7 domains a year with a minimum of 3 4-figure sales. The minimum helps to cover the cost of annual renewals.

So, I’m not a hardcore flipper like Josh from DSAD.com, whereby he could sale the word flip itself much like breathing.

Nevertheless, when performing a sale, one thing I’ve learned over the years is to use “Push” over “Transfer”. Continue reading

About this time last month, I was humming along just days into the new year and recovering from the FLU. Yes, it was nasty and I’m glad to have survived it. But I digress.

As I said, humming along during the work day, I received a Twitter mention notification. Ruh roh, must be trouble, right?

Writing about a number of popular and unpopular topics as it relates to domain, I sometimes go running for the hills when Twitter mentions start bombarding my phone or inbox. Continue reading

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