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Reading Time: 2 minutes

A little over five years ago, I accidentally stumbled upon something that forever altered my domain development experience: geo service domains.

Sometimes categorized as exact-match or partial-match domains, I encountered a geo service domain via GoDaddy’s expired domain buy-it-now/closeout auctions for a suburb of the greater Austin, Texas metro.

Although Google had issued an exact-match domain update that devalued and slightly lessen the ranking of exact-match domains, I decided to take a chance on developing my newly discovered geo service domain.

Little did I realize my development and SEO prowess would produce a page one ranking geo service domain website.

Years later, and many new and existing domain investors still question whether or not geo service domains are worth investing in.  That’s the question will attempt to answer in today’s podcast. Continue reading

Reading Time: 6 minutes

A few weeks ago, I received an email and comment from a reader in search of an easy method to programmatically create WordPress posts and pages using php.

The reader was successfully able to create a WordPress post and page using the tutorial, but shed light on another challenge when creating an automated post:

How does one set a featured image for a programmatically created post?

Continue reading

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Welcome back! I’ve been quite busy writing and producing a number of NEW written articles, podcasts, and videos — soon to be released!

Nevertheless, it’s been a month or so since our last domain interview, and fortunately, that all changes today. 😉

If you’re a college or college-bound student, or know folks who are in this phase of life, then you’ll want to read and share today’s interview. Continue reading

Reading Time: 1 minute

At least a couple of times a month, this is the most commonly asked question I field from new domain investors hoping to dive into domain investing.

Or I’m questioned about evaluating a list of potential domains to be purchased by a new investor.

At surface level, both opportunities appear to be simple, straight forward questions not requiring much thought, yet both opportunities are odd and challenging for me to objectively answer. Why? Continue reading

Reading Time: 6 minutes

With Easter Weekend finally here and well underway, it’s been a busy week for me on all fronts.

And being short on time and not able to highlight all that has occurred this week in emoji domains, an opportunity has presented itself to bring you a week in review for emoji domains.

It’s likely not going to be a normal occurrence, but count it a blessing when time, ideas, thoughts, and latest happenings present themselves.

But enough context about the purpose of the week in review for emoji domains. Let’s get down to business with the latest emoji domain happenings for this week. Continue reading

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s hard to believe that we’re closing in on the one-year anniversary since DomainSherpa’s emoji domains may to take over the world interview.

Discovering a recent tweet from DNAcademy, I’m not the only one recognizing emoji domain auctions appear to have cooled off quite a bit. 🤭

DNAcademy.com: The Definitive Guide to Emoji Domains.

But will and can this upcoming week be the one that emoji domains register a much needed expired domain auction sale?  Continue reading

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