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A few weeks back, I questioned whether or not the emoji-domain grinch was on the prowl and lurking to reclaim emoji domains due to substantially higher renewal costs.

If you’re in the camp that has registered one or many of the swelling 21,000+ .ws emoji domains through GoDaddy’s emoji domain search engine at $4.99 over the last year or so, then you likely want to pay close attention to the renewal date and, more specifically, the renewal cost.

It’s been one month since I stumbled upon Ben’s tweet about his registered .ws emoji domains renewing at seven (7) times the original investment.

And Ben’s not the only one noticing emoji domain renewals biting at their wallet or purse strings.

And although an apples-to-oranges comparison, when compared to various new gTLD extension renewal pricing, .ws emoji domain renewal pricing remains reasonably priced at $34.99 (at the time of this writing).

As for apples-to-apples comparison, other extensions allowing emoji domains are competitively priced between $30-$50 per domain renewal.

Should you possess 5 or less emoji domains approaching renewal, then you may or may not blink an eye at the renewal fee (or you may, who knows).

But that’s certainly not the case with persons registering 5 or more emoji domains, or multiple emoji domain renewals transacting on the same date.

Regardless of the extension chosen, owning multiple emoji domains are somewhat costly if you never considered substantial future price adjustments, or expected GoDaddy’s renewal cost to remain the same.

But no need to fear, there are two specific actions worth considering when aiming to save on and reduce emoji domain renewal costs. Continue reading

A week or so ago, I was scanning my Twitter profile feed in search of another tweet when I saw a slew of posts with the title “Check out this link” followed by a Facebook link.

check out this link - twitter feed

Each tweet had the same title but different link associations. At first I thought my account had maybe been hacked.

Not wanting to click the link that followed “Check out this link”, I created a controlled virtual environment to view the link from to control it should it be a virus, malware or ransomware.

Even though it was posted on Twitter, one can’t take chances with blindly clicking links.

Nevertheless, I clicked the link only to be taken to one of my daily expired auction pages. Then, I had an aha moment. Continue reading

What a week it’s been in the domain industry!

At the beginning of this week, news broke that MediaOptions purchased DomainSherpa, the leading educational media company dedicated to the domain name industry, after Michael Cyber retired for greener and more relaxing pastures.

Now it’s a Friday afternoon and almost time to call it quits when I stumbled upon what looks to be a valiant effort to be the next DomainSherpa for Emoji Domains. Continue reading

A few weeks ago, one of my many websites crossed the thousand like club for Facebook likes.

It was a time to celebrate!  Why?

Well, this particular website is a local and somewhat a hyper micro-niche. To be honest, I’m surprised and elated this website has 1000+ likes.

Nevertheless, crossing the 1000+ Facebook like club renders the like button differently.

Instead of being able to now see that there are 1,024 likes, the Facebook like button for this specific website now only shows “1K”.

And because I don’t have a Facebook Fan, Business, or Profile page associated with this website, this adds yet another degree of difficulty in attempting to understand exactly how many likes, shares, and comments exist for website URL, also known as website domain name. Continue reading

From buildings to phones to emails to tv shows to movies to domain names, emoji have taken over almost every area of life known to man.

Reading Barry Schwartz’s latest article, it sounds like pay-per-click advertising is the next target ripe for emoji marketing spending. Continue reading

We belong only by doing, and we own only by doing, and we love only by doing – RAY BRADBURY Click To Tweet

That’s a quote we’ll all spend a lifetime learning to apply and experience in its fullest, until our heart’s content.

I stumbled upon the aforementioned quote simply visiting a few emoji domain websites, specifically 🍶.ws.

After further research, it just so happens that 🍶.ws is a single page website created and owned by William Nathan. Continue reading

In this month’s BrandAftermarket.com domain selections, I’ve hand picked five (5) domains that I think could be easy and profitable flips, or strong development potential based on a product or service.

One of the many attractive things to consider about BrandAftermarket.com in comparison to BrandRoot.com, BrandBucket.com and other brandable marketplaces is price. Continue reading

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