This is the question George Verdugo, a successful long-time domain investor and serial developer, tweeted last week in hopes of uncovering a few undervalued domain assets.

While I’ve mostly known George for his development efforts —, Hotels.Club, and to name a few — as he discussed in an interview some time ago, I’ve not known George to express interest in emoji domains.

Not that George (or even you) can’t or shouldn’t express interest in or invest in emoji domains, I simply find his question to be intriguing based on the drastic cooling off of the emoji domain market unlike 2 years ago.

Nevertheless, it took no time for responses to flow in from major players in the emoji domain space — John Harrison, Page Howe,,, and to name a few.

While most responses indicated various .ws emoji domains available for sale, Register.TO’s response intrigued me the most:

I clicked the single-character .TO emoji domains link and typed in “xn--“ into the search bar to soon discover a trove of .to emoji domains soon dropping, nearly 65% of the 225 total dropping .TO domains. The most notable .to emoji domains available for a $74 .to backorder are as follows:

✨.to – sparkles
💫.to – dizzy symbol
📨.to – incoming envelope
🌕.to – full moon
🍾.to – bottle with popping cork
🤙.to – call me hand sign
🤤.to – drooling face
🤝.to – handshake
🚤.to – speedboat
🎂.to – birthday cake
🍌.to – banana
🍇.to -grapes
🍈.to – melon
🍊.to – tangerine
🥒.to – cucumber
🍓.to – strawberry
🍯.to – honey pot
🥃.to – tumbler glass
🥛.to – glass of milk
📻.to – radio
🛰.to – satellite
🔈.to – speaker
👛.to – purse
🤡.to – clown
🐎.to – horse
🐐.to – goat
🐖.to- pig
🦑.to – squid
🐇.to – rabbit
🐝.to – bee
🐷.to – pig face
🐋.to – whale

Before you get trigger happy purchasing .to emoji domains, it’s worth noting .to emoji domains are 8 to 9 times expensive as their counterpart .ws domains ($4.99 intro pricing / $34 renewal at GoDaddy — although could be cheaper using Domain Cost Club or Discount Domain Club).

And just in case you were pondering whether or not emoji domain sales exist, there are currently 3 reported emoji domain sales of $499+ for 2019 as reported by DNAcademy — 🔴.fm @ 1,000 euro, 💩.to for $650, and 🥙.to for $1,100.

In addition, John Harrison, an emoji domain investor and connoisseur, has tallied a few emoji domain sales ranging from $100 to $450 in the last 6 months or so.

In my humble opinion, emoji domains are somewhat of a novelty, although more and more brands — Apple and Ford Motor Company — are heavily investing in the use of emoji marketing and their own branded emoji.

I personally own 15-20 single .ws and .to domains I use from time to time as catchy redirects via social media platforms when timing seems right (🤘.to, 🦇.to, 🆎.to, 🦟.ws, 🦃.ws, and 🕰.ws to name a few).

I’ve not given any sort of effort (and likely won’t) to outbound sales for emoji domains. I’ve also not received any inquiries requesting the purchase or leasing (yes, emoji domain leases exist) of any of the emoji domains I currently own, regardless of their extension.

In closing, George likely found the answer to his question via the responses although I never saw a follow up as to what emoji domain(s) was of interest to George.

While it’s tempting to purchase a few of the .to emoji domains soon to drop, I’ll hold what I have for now. After all, it’s quite expensive to be the 🐋 in the growing sea of emoji domains. 😉

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.