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Welcome back! I’m here today with another domains interview.

I’m pleased to share with a company that has been around the domain industry for the last two decades although their recently launch business model has existed a few years.

Grateful for Paul Apanowicz, Director of Project Management, making and taking a moment to chat with me about the company he works for, you’ll want to read this interview and act on it should you own more than a handful of domains, especially if domain renewals in general are eating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And speaking of renewals, if emoji domain renewals are causing you to lose sleep and your appetite for emoji domains, then this interview will help you discover at-cost renewals for your emoji domains too.

Without further ado, let’s get started with this interview about the “Costco of the Domain Industry” company’s business model, and their thoughts about the domain industry and its future.

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KC: Who’s behind (DCC)?

DCC: An experienced domain management company, Global Domains International, Inc., parent company of Domain Cost Club, has been operating the .WS ccTLD Registry for close to 20 years now.

In 2014, we saw there was a potential opportunity for a new type of registrar model with all of the new gTLDs that would be released over the coming years, which led us to launch the DCC business model.

KC: What exactly is DCC in its entirety, why has it been successful?

DCC: We wanted to model ourselves around a warehouse type business like Costco, and the DCC model has been well received since soft launching in September 2014.

With DCC you purchase a $99 one-size-fits-all, unlimited domains, at-cost membership and then receive wholesale pricing on the entire inventory of TLDs offered.

Unlike other registrars offering retail domain registration services, DCC simply allows our customers to cut out the middleman by charging a membership fee to access our wholesale pricing.

However, the challenge we discovered was that many potential customers were not full time domainers, but most were the general public, owning a few domains or even new to the industry.

And with that in mind, DCC decided to offer more Club Memberships. As of October of 2017, we’ve released the following membership options:

● Up to 5 Domains At-Cost for $9.99/year
● Up to 19 Domains At-Cost for $29.99/year
● Up to 49 Domains At-Cost for $49.99/year
● Unlimited Domains At-Cost for $99.99/year

The feedback received has been very positive. Now with more membership options, DCC is a much more attractive product to a person looking to buy any number of domains.

KC: What target market does DCC most effectively and beneficially serve, and why?

DCC: Our target market has been increased tenfold with the addition of new membership options to the general public.

A person with just a few domains can pay $9.99 a year to ensure they pay no mark-up on their domain registrations, transfers, and renewals.

Furthermore, 1 premium domain with DCC could save a user the entire price of their membership to hundreds of dollars even.

Becoming a DCC Club Member aims to achieve peace of mind knowing member domain registrations this year will not result in overpriced renewals the following year.

KC: What’s the oldest registered domain currently at DCC?

DCC: Our first customer registration, , was registered on 09/23/2014.

KC: Briefly, what’s one fact about DCC that most people would consider to be odd?

DCC: Even though we’re a member-based company selling wholesale services, DCC offers retail pricing to non-members.

But with our new member club pricing, the domain retail market is beginning to fade away.

KC: From DCC’s perspective, how has the domain industry changed over time, and what might the future look like?

DCC: Initially the domain industry was .COM or nothing. Then over the years we would hear “.COM, .NET, and .ORG” with little talk of other gTLDs.

Although some ccTLDs have found niches and had some success, .COM still overshadowed all of them combined.

But in the past few years, with hundreds of new gTLDs being released we feel that even though .COM is king, the landscape is rapidly changing.

Now registrants can find great domains like JonsBike.SHOP, where the domain extension is specific to their needs unlike JonsBikeShop.COM or JonsBikeShop.NET.

With that in mind, the DCC model is ready to serve this fast growing market. We have over 250 TLDs available (with many more to come!) and growing volume of monthly transfer-ins.

KC: With emoji domains exploding onto the scene, does DCC membership account for and include emoji domain purchase, transfer and renewals?

DCC: Yes, DCC membership includes .WS emoji domains in their entirety at-cost, which makes emoji domain renewals more affordable than the competition.

KC: How does DCC serve a target audience that’s different or the same as Brand Aftermarket, Brand Root, Brand Bucket, Efty, and other domain marketplaces?

DCC: We differ from domain marketplaces because the DCC model provides domain owners the opportunity to realize substantial savings with a no nonsense product.

Not only do DCC customers save money initially on registrations with our model, but when renewals kick in, the savings will pile up, and quick!

KC: Does DCC allow external relationships to list and sale domains? If so, what fees are associated?

DCC: To date we have not entered into any external relationships; however, we’re always open to external relationships that would be mutually beneficial.

KC: What 3 domain considerations would DCC recommend to persons or brands in search of a domain to launch or upgrade their brand consider?

1. Consider the length of the domain name, don’t make it too long
2. Easy to spell and remember
3. Don’t over-focus on .com; there are many new gTLDs that may be more focused on your business and provide search results.

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Special thanks again to Paul for sharing great insight, and a service offering to help customers realize at-cost domain registrations, transfers and renewals.

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Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.