Year-Over-Year Emoji Growth

Will more companies commit to branded emoji, and possibly emoji marketing and emoji domains?

Everyone and their grandmother, if not great-grandmother by now, use emoji — billions daily in collective use — to communicate a multitude of thoughts and expressions daily.

Whether by email, text, chat, clothing, or billboards, emoji marketing has nearly touched every possible form of communication, including domain names.

From Apple to Taco Bell to Domino’s to name a few, a growing number of brands are committing more and more marketing and advertising dollars to the use of emoji marketing.

One of the most recent announcements for brands entering the emoji marketing space with their own branded emoji — the pickup truck — is Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company brands emoji pickup truck recently reported the automaker submitted a proposal to the Unicode Consortium for their pickup truck emoji. And after a review, the Ford-branded emoji has been added to the shortlist of candidates to be include in a future version of Unicode.

The pickup truck emoji is likely to be added to the existing list of emoji vehicles:

🚗 – car
🚕 – taxi
🚙 – sport utility vehicle
🚌 – bus
🚎 – trolleybus
🏎 – race car
🚓 – police car
🚑 – ambulance
🚒 – fire engine
🚐 – minibus
🚚 – delivery truck
🚛 – articulated lorry
🚜 – tractor
🛴 – scooter
🚲 – bicycle
🛵 – motor scooter
🏍 – motorcycle
🚔 – oncoming police car
🚍 – oncoming bus
🚘 – oncoming car
🚖 – oncoming taxi

Of all the brands joining the branded emoji movement, Apple by far has had and continues to churn out a number of emojis each release, with more on the way.

In addition to big brands, small to medium sized brands, such as Jewelers Direct and Outdoorsy, are discovering clever emoji marketing using emoji domains to reach their target audience.

For the foreseeable future, as the number of emoji are added, emoji marketing is only increasing — based on research provided by’s Katharina Bucholz.

Infographic: In 2019, Global Emoji Count is Growing to More Than 3,000 | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

With emoji and emoji marketing increasing, emoji domain investors anxiously hold their .ws, .to, .fm and other ccTLD emoji domains in hopes of realizing the rush on emoji domains 2 years after the first rush.

While things have certainly cooled a bit with emoji domain sales in the last 18-20 months, time will tell a story of whether or not emoji domain sales can resemble the Statista chart and emoji domains become the go-to weapon for brands emoji marketing efforts.

For now, we simply watch and wait. Thanks and that’s all for now!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.