Rick Schwartz - DomainKing(TM)

If you’ve been around the domain industry two seconds or longer, then you’ve likely heard the name Rick Schwartz, also known as the DomainKing™.

He’s certainly not a new face to industry. A living legend, by many standards, not short on vision, stories, and facts/opinions about domain, business, and life in general, having held more than 30 jobs in a 5 year span.

In addition, Rick boasts 20 years and counting of bona fide multi-million dollar premium domain sales — Candy.com, Property.com, and iReport.com to name a few — to boot, and is quick to share insight as witnessed down through the years via RicksBlog.com.

A long-time champion of professional and personal brands owning and developing their story via .com, Rick made waves earlier this year when he returned from social media hiatus to start video podcasting via Twitter.

While many are quick to hold his feet to the fire about him going contrary to what he preaches — use of social media instead of a .com presence to post content, Rick has released quite a vault of videos about domain investing, and all he’s learned in business and life.

His Twitter experiment with video podcasting seems to have been counted a “success” by his own rights and based upon his latest tweet polling audience to determine whether he should use Rick.tv, DomainKing.com, Only post to Twitter or Only Post on YouTube.

Again, many were astonished to discover Rick would consider using Rick.tv based on extreme preference of .com.  No one truly knows what Rick has on his mind, although he’s mentioned a legacy foundation in recent videos.

Based on this knowledge, I recommended Rick makes use of all listed poll options, and here’s why…

Videos should be loaded to YouTube due to ease of use, and because a growing chunk of online time spent by users is watching video.

One of the very reasons I created video tutorials was to realize a search advantage over bloggers who chose to blog only via written content. I realize a good amount of traffic from Google.com and YouTube.com. How?

Easy answer. Check the “Trending Topics” sidebar on this website.  Notice the content is a likely “how-to” blog that contains a video.

So for double my trouble of creating a video and short description, and a long blog post with video, I’m going above and beyond what the average person is doing.

Not only that, I post links from YouTube and my blog to social media platforms — primarily Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They all work in a concerted effort to drive search rankings as well as drive traffic to my main web presence, KickstartCommerce.com, and secondary website, DNAdverts.com.

And with what I’m doing producing internet marketing, wordpress tips and tricks, and domain investing content is what Rick can do, if not more, with topics of business and domain investing (and likely other interests).

Rick can likely become a formidable competitor to DomainSherpa.com, which he was a Sherpa in the early days when previously owned by Michael Cyger.

Nevertheless, Rick has the clout and experience to craft and create a lasting legacy in using all the above to share his business and domain investing journey — certainly an opportunity to live beyond death and educate then next generation of domain investors.

What do you think Rick should do?

Should he continue to use RicksBlog.com?

Should he establish a new online venue using Rick.tv or DomainKing.com?

Should he continue only to post to YouTube or Twitter?

Or should he use all options in a concerted effort?

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.