Top Podcast Downloads for August 2023

Explore our top 5 list to find out which Kickstart Commerce podcasts made it to the most popular list of August, ranked according to their total monthly downloads.

The Myth, The Man, The Legend Behind — Ron Jackson // Tune in as Ron Jackson and I discuss what led to the birth of (— The Domain Industry News Magazine. We then talk about essential metrics to watch for and use from DNJournal, and domain sales reports in general when buying and selling domains.

Domain Outbound Strategies and Best Practices to Sell Domains with Jason Eisler and Yogi Solanki // Tune in as Jason, Yogi, and I discuss the best types of media, tools, days/times, and more to realize efficient domain outbound marketing sales. Still, they also shed light on the three rules of domain sales engagement: relationship, education, and the close.

Selling Domains Using The Dan Outbound Method with Alex Verdea // Tune in as Alex Verdea shares how he overcomes objections during the domain negotiation process and how it led him to close a deal after 32 attempts.

The Accidental Domain Investor with Elie Eweka //  Tune in as Elie Eweka (“the accidental domain investor”), and I highlight domains and domain extensions he invested in over the last two decades and what he invests in today, unveiling some very unorthodox methods and tools of the past — unlike the innovative tools he uses today.

From System Engineering to Brand Engineering with BrandBucket Founder Margot Bushnaq // Tune in as Margot shares about how combining backgrounds in linguistics, systems engineering, and domains led to what has become the domain industry’s top-shelf marketplace for buying and selling brandable domains.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.