The Accidental Domain Investor with Elie Eweka

Stumbling into domain investing by way of web development, I launched almost a decade ago, and just shy of half that time.

Since that time, I’m always amazed by the multifariousness most are introduced to domain investing, and even more by the same multifarious nature of its people.

Today’s podcast guest is no exception to that. In fact, today’s guest has been in the industry for nearly twenty-five (25) years and counting — yes, since the late 1900s, or said another way, the mid-1990s. 🙂

Nevertheless, Elie Eweka is a most positive, empowering personality and light in the domain industry. If you follow him on Twitter, then you can attest to his daily musings of tweets stoked with wisdom, encouragement and inspiration, and empowerment.

In my time of knowing Elie, he’s certainly one of the most giving persons within the industry — sharing available hand-reg names, domains he’s sold with price in tow, and even giving away solid domains to help seed and establish the next generation of domain investors.

In a recent podcast, Elie and I discussed his life’s journey from Nigeria to the USA. Elie shares how originating from Nigeria gives him an edge in buying and selling domains.

Tune in as Elie and I highlight why and how he sold domains for a period of time to support religious ministry initiatives that launched 200+ non-profits.

Elie also shared a number of domains and domain extensions he invested in today, unveiling some very unorthodox methods and tools of the past — unlike the innovative tools he uses today.

Then, Elie discusses what he hopes to leave as not only a domain legacy, having recently published a book — Accidental Domain Investor, but a lasting life legacy for others to glean from.

Oh yeah, and last but not least, we also played a live hand-reg game of the “good or bad” domain and discussed why.

So hit play, and hear from one of the most inspiring solopreneurs the domain industry has to offer — Elie Eweka. Enjoy!


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.