Today, global conglomerates throughout the world are making a concerted effort to understand the value of premium .com domains as well as their impact to their respective company and industry.

Long have corporate marketing departments focused their efforts on marketing, advertising, and branding their respective companies to become leading industry titans, spending millions or billions of dollars each year doing so.

From startups to tenured companies with hundreds of years of experience in the industry and business, most derive from the school of thought in finding a word or name that has not a meaning, and injecting a meaning also known as branding.

While this has worked well for years, seeing companies like Etsy, Efty, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and others successfully thrive, businesses aiming to be the next in command of a dominating global conglomerate must differentiate itself amongst the approximately 800MM websites and counting.

A global digital presence like no other

From global to local markets, businesses are beginning to take note of what it means to their businesses to possess premium .com domains pertaining to their global niche or industry.

From less marketing and advertising spending to brand their business to highly visible search rankings across all search engines, global companies looking to become number one and remain number one are silently making premium .com domain purchases.

Such companies are purposely not allowing such purchases to make major headlines, keeping their competitors at bay while competitors are asleep at the wheel thinking their business will dominate the global market.

With one-word and two-word .com domain spaces becoming somewhat a saturated market, startups as well as businesses in general entering into the global online space are finding it challenging to select the best name to represent their digital presence.

A typical one-word or two-word .com domain can cost anywhere from the low four to high six figures, depending on the domain name and market competitiveness.

For those without deep pockets, most businesses have been reduced to using an inexpensive domain to launch such as using .net, .me, .org, .biz, .co, .ly or .io to name a few domain extensions.

Only after proving their business idea to be sustainable and having secured a substantial investment do these businesses secure the exact-match .com domain name of their domain name.

Counting up the cost of a premium digital presence

Why are one-word and domain spaces so competitive and pricey?

Much like physical real estate has pricing based around exclusivity and supply and demand, so do domain names, also known as virtual real estate. Much like having various types of real estate zoning, so it is the same with domain extensions.

In addition and as depicted via DNJournal throughout the years, domains tend to follow the economic market, having its own share of boom and bust cycles.

Just as location is the epitome of real estate, global companies are recognizing to truly dominate the global marketplace, they must own premium .com domains to be considered the global titan for their niche or industry.

By now, I’m sure you’re very much curious to know the definition of a premium .com domain should you already not know, right?

In short, premium generic domains are often short, memorable names that are made up of simple keywords and search terms.

Leading the weight loss industry with a premium digital presence

Let us take a look at an example. Let’s say you have company that offers global bariatric financing services. Or said another way, a company that offers financial loans for those in need of serious weight loss surgeries.

Simply reviewing the phrases used in the previous sentences provide a start for what types of domains the company should consider purchasing to broaden their global reach.

So instead or in addition to the primary domain name used as the official digital presence, this company should also consider purchasing or leasing the traffic of the following domains, if possible:


Most are short and easy to remember, especially the first two domains on the list. In my opinion, I would classify the three and four word domains as premium although they are quite descriptive.

Nevertheless, it’s likely that most of the domains are going to be owned, seeing that most one and two word .com domain names have been registered since the early to mid 1990’s.

Nothing but a few people throughout the world were thinking of the Internet and its broad-reaching future to change global commerce in it’s entirety.

Tips to secure a premium digital presence

I would venture to say that most of the names listed above command a low-to-mid 5 five figure sales price.  But don’t let such pricing cause you to move on without exploring creative financing and negotiating options.

You may be thinking that such pricing is ridiculous, and that’s fine. But just like this company, how much did and does it cost you to setup and operate your business? Exactly. The cost of such a domain pales in comparison to the sales and customers it’ll bring your business.

If purchasing outright is not an option for your business, then I suggest getting creative with the owner of the domain.

You could propose a payment plan, short-term rental or lease-to-own option for the desired domain. This could not only buy you time to save up to purchase the domain, but you could also gain the benefits of receiving the domain’s type-in traffic.

Think about the one-time investment you’re making, and how it compares to your current marketing and advertising spend. You may very well spend low-to-mid thousands monthly to market and advertise your business.

Now, after the initial investment fee to invest in a premium .com domain, what marketing and advertising vehicles can provide your business hundreds of thousands, if not millions or billions, of revenue at only a $10-$15 investment per year?

Because the annual renewal rates of domains cost so little yet the right premium .com domain yields substantial qualified traffic ready to purchase, this is what it means to silently lock the door on the competition and throw away the key. Your competition can’t own the domain if you do.

So, what are you waiting for?

There are many more industries throughout the world experiencing premium .com domain leasing and joint venture agreements although they vary in nature, and terms and conditions.

For instance, a global supplier of a variety of iron, steel, and aluminum products could manage to arrange a 2-for-1, 3-year lease agreement for both and

There also talks of joint ventures between companies for premium generic domains.

For instance, a technology company and an accounting company whereby both parties commit resources to create and develop automated back office accounting solutions could market those solutions using the premium generic domain name The possibilities are endless.

But I’m certain that to remain the global titan in a given industry or niche in both offline and online spaces, will require businesses old and young to step outside of the way business has always been done.

Businesses must try uncommon techniques that not only builds brand awareness today, but more importantly, captures greater global market share from the competition in the future.

As the old marketing adage goes, “What works today in marketing is certain not to work in six months.”

Will you choose obsolete marketing and advertising and allow your business to die by the wayside, or will you choose to invest in your business’ future via a premium .com domain?

List of Companies Using Premium Domain Names

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.