I get a kick out of potential and existing customers who are very skeptical of my SEO process here at Kickstart Commerce.

Some are surprised to know that I hire writers to create content as a part of my content marketing strategy.

And even more shocking, potential customers are shocked to hear that I’ll hire writers as a part of their SEO strategy to rank their website.

I’m very transparent in sharing how I will go about positioning and optimizing websites for the greatest chance and opportunity for increase search rankings.

I take pride in sharing simple on-page optimization techniques and practical SEO tactics that even the most technically challenged person could implement with little guidance.

In addition, I allow potential and existing customers into my most intimate thoughts about keyword selections as well as freely provide additional insight into keywords they may have overlooked or forgotten.

And to really surprise potential customers, I walk each through my process for how I optimize my very own personal and business websites, including showing real-life keywords that are ranking and generating revenue.

Most of everything I’ve learned, the good, the bad and ugly, has been because I’ve tried the very SEO principles, tactics and techniques on my very own websites. I’m not talking about churn and burn websites, nor link wheel sites, nor low-quality minisites. I’m talking about legitimate business websites that generate revenue either from lead generation, advertising or adsense.

And although I’m very transparent from step-to-step, there is always a crowd of potential and existing customers who feel the SEO steps I share with them are so easy that they don’t need to pay me to implement them. In truth, customers probably don’t need me to implement their SEO strategies.

However, for the one’s who end up in the SEO ditch of black-hat SEO or end up with a website severely penalized by search engines, this post is for you.

Why your content marketing strategy is not increasing your website’s search engine ranking

Most customers can understand that they need to write about and optimize their websites using keywords that their customers use when searching for their products and services. This tends to be nothing new and a no brainer for most customers.

Where most customers fall short is attempting to write their own content and becoming to SEO obsessed. Not all customers can write their own content and be successful in driving increased search rankings and new business doing so.

If you’ve ever tried, writing one’s own content can be very time and labor intensive. From identifying keywords to brainstorming topics for those keywords and topics in general to writing very engaging and informative content that users find value in reading and search engines find value in ranking, most customers will give a valiant effort to begin their content marketing endeavour.

Most potential and existing customers start out with the wind at their backs and can create roughly 10-15 articles, but then lose steam due to realizing the effort it’ll take to sustain their efforts or they just lose interest, giving up because they saw no results.

Hiring writers is only at the surface to ranking well in search engines

Then there are those who listen to my process and only hear, “Hey, go hire writers to write your content!” These customers are blinded by the dollar signs to come in the form of new customers, and promises of scalability by outsourcing their content marketing strategy using services like eLance.com, oDesk.com, Freelancer.com, Fiverr.com, and CollegeWriter.com to name a few.

Hiring writers is great and can be a very scalable, affordable content marketing strategy for businesses that don’t care or don’t have the resources to write their own content. However, the reality is that content marketing that ranks well in search engines is more than just hiring someone to write articles for you at $5 per 500-word project.

And this is where customers miss the boat and mark entirely: they go looking to hire SEO writers or writers with an SEO focus in their content creation, and not writers in general.

Content marketing can be very depressing for those businesses looking for instant gratification moments after hitting the publish button. I’ve been consistently writing my own content for roughly two years now and there are moments that I hit a writer’s block.

Sometimes the block lasts only a few hours, while other times its days, weeks and yes, months at a time. But I’ve committed to the process, through and through. I’ve seen some outstanding search engine rankings happen over time and they are growing stronger and rising as time progresses.

To scale my content marketing strategy and to prevent and overcome writer’s block, I’ve enlisted the help of hiring writers, and not SEO writers. My reasoning for hiring generalized writers is not to generate mountains of content for the sole sake of ranking in search engines.

I don’t hire writers with the intent of having them use article spinning or keyword stuffing. Matter of fact, I FIRE writers that purposely plagiarize other’s content and try to pass it off to me as original content. Nor do I hire writers that have a sole focus of wanting to know my keyword focus.

The truth behind why I really hire writers to create my content

My sole reason for hiring writers is to use each as an extension to doubling or tripling my efforts in the terms of genuine content creation. I use writers more so as the research and development department of my content marketing strategy, and not as my final version for content posting and sharing.

Personally, I could care less about hiring writers for a keyword focus just for the sake of keeping my website updated with fresh, useless content that search engines will penalize me for due it being of low quality in comparison to other websites.

My goal for each writer I hire is to provide very thoroughly researched, uniquely written, value-add content that I can re-edit or re-write, adding my very own style and voice to each content piece, and making each piece uniquely my own.

Why hiring SEO writers will cost you an arm, leg, and your website in the end

And this is what customers miss when hearing and not thoroughly listening to my content marketing approach and strategy. Most focus on how quick, how fast and how cheap they can hire writers to become their SEO saviors to boost their search rankings. The more writers they hire, then the greater the chance they have at ranking on page one of search engines overnight.

And at $2-5 an article or post, there’s now way to go broke, right? Well, wrong. You’ll spend a small chunk of change to have content created and written, only to spend a colossal fortune in time and money trying to repair your website’s SEO credibility after search engines severely penalize or, the worst case, de-index your website from search rankings.

It’s truly not worth taking shortcuts when it comes to content marketing strategies and ranking in highly-visible, page-one search results. Commit to the long-term process to create genuine, authentic content with a focus on customers first and search engines last.

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.