The Week in Review for Emoji Domains Ending 3/31/2018

With Easter Weekend finally here and well underway, it’s been a busy week for me on all fronts.

And being short on time and not able to highlight all that has occurred this week in emoji domains, an opportunity has presented itself to bring you a week in review for emoji domains.

It’s likely not going to be a normal occurrence, but count it a blessing when time, ideas, thoughts, and latest happenings present themselves.

But enough context about the purpose of the week in review for emoji domains. Let’s get down to business with the latest emoji domain happenings for this week.

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Ahem… and for those of us that are visual… read up, enjoy, and see you around!

Are Emoji Domains Losing Steam?

It’s no secret waves of expiring emoji domains have been hitting the GoDaddy Aftermarket platform by the hundreds weekly, if not daily.

That may sound like bad news for emoji domains. In my humble opinion, most expiring emoji domains appear to be ill-advised registration of combos, triples and ASCII/emoji mixed characters.

There have been a handful of single .WS emoji, emoticon, and pictograph domain auctions to surface this week— more on the way next week (hint, hint — keep your eyes open!).

MERGE! Lands Disney Castle Discount: 🏰.ws

If you haven’t already purchased your ticket for MERGE! 2018 after a successful 2017 launch, then you might want to do so now — especially after this week’s announcement from MERGE about landing a discounted rate for Disney tickets.

I learned about the MERGE+Disney discount from John Harrison’s Emoji_HQ tweet that make good use of the castle emoji domain as a URL shortener — redirects to MERGE!’s My Disney webpage.

Check it out in action: http://🏰.ws

Want a Cookie with that Emoji Domain and New TLD?

Eat two Insomnia Cookies and call me in the morning, because you’re going to be up ALL NIGHT LONG with Lionel Richie! 🤣

Kidding aside, kudos to Page Howe for sharing Insomnia Cookies’ print ad that includes a fitting emoji domain name (🍪🌙.ws) and new top-level domain (Cookie.Love).

Funny enough, seeing Cookie.Love made me think about combining the cookie and heart emoji — 🍪❤.ws and ❤🍪.ws.

Insomnia should hurry to register both emoji domains as they are available for hand registration at the time of this publication.

Emoji Domains are Live on .FM!

Nope, emoji domains haven’t taken over the airwaves (yet!).

However, .FM emoji domains appear to be getting closer with the latest announcement of dotFM and Jon Roig (creator of i❤.ws) teaming up to deliver a .FM emoji domain search engine: 🤑.fm.

Previously, dotFM release released an “expressed interest” announcement about dipping its toe into the emoji domain waters — shortly following .TO and .AI announcements.

With yet another emoji domain search engine, what I’m most interested in discovering is how well .FM emoji domains are embraced.

I say this due to encountering single .FM emoji domains are reserved at premium pricing, and the remaining .FM emoji domains available for registration pricing — $169 per emoji domain at the time of this publication. 😲

That’s certainly a ways off in pricing from GoDaddy’s $4.99, .WS’ $35, and’s $45 emoji domain registration fee.

However, dotFM has long been a well-versed multimedia pioneer with thousands of well-known brands utilizing their .FM and .AM domains. Like always, time will tell…

What is that I hear in my ear?

Do you hear that? Are my ears deceiving me? Is that a… what in the…?

Yup, the emoji domain song station has taken over the airwaves —  just that quick! 😉

Emoji domains debuted a CATCHY new theme song this week courtesy of Jon Roig and MoternMedia.

Get your ears ready and visit the emoji domain song station: 😀.fm. I can’t seem to shake this jingle, “I heart .ws”. Geez, thanks guys! 🤑

From .FM Emoji Jingles to Subdomains

Email, check. Mobile, check. Marketing, check. Movie, check. TV, check. Domains, check. Jingles, check. What’s next? You shouldn’t have asked.

As if there wasn’t enough .FM emoji domain news to boot this week, dotRadio is also now featuring emoji domains via and subdomains (see pricing below).

Out of all the happenings for emoji domains this week, I stare down emoji subdomains with the Stephen Colbert expression: 🤨.

I’m not certain what to think of emoji subdomains, but perhaps someone knows something I don’t when it comes down to this type of usage.

Anyways, visit 🎙 or 🎙 to get your dotRadio emoji domain.

Restricted Emoji Soon-to-be Available April 2nd

Just as I was about to call it quits Good Friday, I stumbled upon a tweet from parent company of the .WS registry, Global Domain International.

In short, their message states previously restricted emojis WILL BECOME AVAILABLE for use in .WS emoji domain registrations on April 2nd, 2018 at 18:00:00 UTC/TZ+0.

🇺🇸 United States Flag
🇦🇺 Australia Flag
🇳🇴 Norway Flag
🇫🇷 France Flag
👨‍🚀 Male Astronaut
👩‍🚀 Female Astronaut

Timing of this announcement is quite interesting due to a number of country flag emoji domains recently expiring as well as several thousand combo emoji domains containing country flags.

It’ll be interesting to discover whether or not emoji domain investors dive in to play a few rounds of capture emoji domains containing flags.

Again, time will tell…

Final Thoughts for The Week in Review of Emoji Domains

And there you have it, all things emoji over the last week covered!

I hope this brief summary  casts light on all the latest emoji domain happenings. I also hope you find coverage to be informative and beneficial for sound emoji domain investing strategies and insight.

In closing, we’ll see what upcoming weeks bring and whether or not “Week in Review for Emoji Domains” continues…

I want to hear from you! Let me know what you think with comments below…

Thanks, and that’s all for now.

Written by Alvin Brown
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