39 Country Flag Emoji Domains Expire Next Week

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and I’m sharing with you this upcoming week’s expiring emoji domain auctions! ☘

The last month or so has brought a large tsunami of emoji domains expiring.

And although the Discount Cost Club likely provides the most competitively-price renewal  fee when it comes to emoji domain, emoji domain owners have surprisingly passed on renewing approximately 6-7 thousand emoji domains.

Nevertheless, this week brings a batch of 123 emoji domain auctions set to expire, including 39 country flag emoji.

Can country flag emoji domains be the lucky charm to jumpstart emoji domain sales? 🤔

I figured it was only a matter of time before encountering a wave of expiring country flag emoji domains hitting the auction block Tuesday, March 20th.

It’ll be interesting to see which of the following expiring emoji domain country flags will fetch bids and at what closing price:

🇲🇵.ws (Northern Mariana Islands)
🇲🇹.ws (Malta)
🇵🇲.ws (St. Pierre & Miquelon)
🇵🇬.ws (Papua New Guinea)
🇸🇲.ws (San Marino)
🇸🇳.ws (Senegal)
🇪🇹.ws (Ethiopia)
🇱🇨.ws (St. Lucia)
🇳🇵.ws (Nepal)
🇸🇭.ws (St. Helena)
🇨🇻.ws (Cape Verde)
🇫🇴.ws (Faroe Islands)
🇳🇺.ws (Niue)
🇸🇽.ws (Sint Maarten)
🇰🇲.ws (Comoros)
🇻🇺.ws (Vanuatu)
🇲🇸.ws (Monserrat)
🇵🇳.ws (Pitcarin Islands)
🇩🇲.ws (Dominica)
🇰🇳.ws (St. Kitts & Nevis)
🇵🇼.ws (Palau)
🇳🇮.ws (Nicaragua)
🇫🇰.ws (Falkland Islands)
🇬🇵.ws (Guadeloupe)
🇻🇨.ws (St. Vincent & Grenadines)
🇲🇳.ws (Mongolia)
🇲🇬.ws (Madagascar)
🇧🇱.ws (St. Barthélemy)
🇲🇶.ws (Martinique)
🇰🇮.ws (Kiribati)
🇱🇦.ws (Laos)
🇯🇴.ws (Jordan)
🇸🇧.ws (Solomon Islands)
🇱🇮.ws (Liechtenstein)
🇮🇨.ws (Canary Islands)
🇳🇨.ws (New Caledonia)
🇨🇽.ws (Christmas Island)
🇨🇲.ws (Cameroon)
🇱🇾.ws (Libya)

The Germany emoji flag (🇩🇪.ws) is the only country flag emoji domain sale reported to date ($499 sale via GoDaddy on September 3, 2017).

In addition to expiring country flag emoji domains, there are a few other single emoji domains set to expire this upcoming week:

🌕.ws (March 23rd)
💫.ws (March 23rd)
✋🏿.ws (March 23rd)

And as I reviewed the list of soon-to-expire emoji domains in its entirety, a few combos, doubles and triples caught my eye:

💧📦.ws (Dropbox?)
🚿💪🏼.ws (Shower power?)
📷👑.ws (Camera king?)
🚙🔌.ws and 🔌🚙.ws (Electric car?)
🚙🔋.ws, 🚘🔋.ws, and 🚗🔋.ws (Car battery?)

Things have been quiet since NameJet’s Premium .WS Emoji Domain Auction. However, this upcoming week’s lot of emoji domain auctions ending could bring life back to the emoji domain market.

For now we’ll have to wait and see what activity this week’s auctions brings about. In the meantime, be sure to mark your calendars with auction alerts and reminders.

In closing and as always, perform your own due diligence to limit risk, yet increase the likelihood of realizing a sound domain investment.

That’s all for now!

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.