Just when we thought expired emoji domains died down…

Things have been rather quiet for expiring emoji domain auctions recently.

In fact, I struggled to remember the last emoji domain auction fetching a bid and closing. 🤔

However, yesterday both 💫.ws and 🌕.ws closed at $110 and $22 respectively (awaiting payment from bidder and transfer to account in 7 days).

In other news, almost 7K .WS emoji domains have expired over the last 30-40 days.

It appears GoDaddy’s expiring .WS emoji domain auctions are picking up steam once more with yet another wave — at least over the 7 days. 🌊

Starting tomorrow and until the end of the week, 754 .WS emoji domains are set to hit the GoDaddy expiring domain auction block. 🌊

The following is a daily distribution and breakdown of .WS emoji domains expiring in auction for the upcoming week:

  • 18 – 3/25/2018 (2%)
  • 46 – 3/26/2018 (6%)
  • 126 – 3/27/2018 (17%)
  • 175 – 3/28/2018 (23%)
  • 29 – 3/29/2018 (4%)
  • 136 – 3/30/2018 (18%)
  • 224 – 3/31/2018 (30%)

Most emoji domain auctions are set to expire Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of next week.

Although most of the auctions consist of combo emoji domains containing country flags and not much (if any) value at all, the following auctions caught my attention:

  • ↑.ws
  • ▵.ws
  • 🚴🏾.ws
  • ❤🔥.ws and 🔥❤.ws
  • 🆓📺.ws
  • 🎦🎦🎦.ws
  • 👶👶👶.ws
  • 📿📿📿.ws

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In closing and as always, perform your own due diligence to limit risk, yet increase the likelihood of realizing a sound domain investment.

That’s all for now! Have a blessed weekend…

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.