DNSeattle was everything it was billed to be and more.

The weather was perfect. The location and venue were great. There was a good selection of music, food, and beverage on hand.

And of course, there was not a shortage of domain hobbyists, investors, and professionals in attendance at Amazon’s campus (Terry Avenue) in downtown Seattle.

DNSeattle at Amazon.com

DNSeattle at Amazon Seattle

Amazon.com Host's DNSeattle 2017

Networking at DNSeattle 2017

For me, DNSeattle was a milestone both personally and professionally.

For last 15 years or so, DNSeattle organizer, Mike Cyger and I have crossed paths a number of times by phone or email, but never met in person.

But things lined up perfectly this year and allowed for us to finally meet.

DNSeattle 2017 - Mike Cyger & Alvin Brown

It was a pleasure to meet Mike and connect the dots.  I was also privileged to meet Andrew Rosener for the first time as well as Kevin Fink, Aaron Wilken, and Jackson Elsegood.

DNSeattle 2017 - Aaron Wilken, Kevin Fink, Alvin Brown

From L to R: Aaron Wilken, Kevin Fink and Alvin Brown

There were a number of local domain hobbyists and investors I met, engaged, and shared insightful thoughts with.

It was also good to follow up with previous relationships made via DNHouston.

Everyone enjoyed networking, food and beverage, and music provided by Rightside’s DJ Statton Hammock the first hour.

DNSeattle 2017 - DJ Statton Hammock - Rightside

Greatly anticipated, the remaining time was consumed with in-depth question and answer by Mike and industry expert, Andrew Rosener, CEO and Lead Broker of MediaOptions.com.

DNSeattle 2017 - Mike Cyger & Andrew Rosener

As captivating and entertaining as he appears on DomainSherpa, Rosener enlightened all about his unique domain name sales strategy and tactics.

Some of his key takeaways were:

  • Pay a percentage more to tie up and execute the right domain deals
  • Devote and invest time in educating domain buyers (end customer) about the ins and outs of sound domain investing and ownership
  • Setup and track catchall email accounts for your highest profile domains
  • Losing emails is costly, so leverage the power of email security when negotiating the sale of a domain (see previous bullet and watch brief video snippet below)

And finally, a group of us closed out the night engaging in conversation and games at the Brave Horse Tavern.

All in all, DNSeattle was well hosted, attended, and I look forward to many more in years to come.

Will I see you at DNSeattle next year?

Better yet, will I see you at Merge! in a few months?

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.