What ever became of 1and1.com’s push for new gtld extensions?

It’s a another year, and with a new year comes an opportunity to remove ourselves from the old to make room for the new.

Performing a very early “non-digital and digital spring cleaning”, I stumbled across a physical copy of the November 2013 edition of WebsiteMagazine.com.

To my surprise, never opening the magazine before today, I opened the physical copy of this magazine and saw a full page ad for 1and1.com (see below; sorry for the blurry image but I think you get the point).

1and1.com's pre-registration new gtlds

Seeing this ad a few years after the fact, I was reminded of a post I made in 2013 about whether or not .com would remain king with the release of the new gtlds, also known as new domain extensions.

In the post, I mentioned seeing 1and1.com’s ad promoting the pre-registration of the new gTLDs during a NFL football game’s television commercial.

I didn’t realize at the time that 1and1.com spent over $50 million in television, print, and online marketing ads to support the pre-registration of new gtlds.

Fast forward to a little over 2 years after my initial post, and I’m baffled as to what happened to 1and1.com and their massive investment.  The following questions linger on in my mind:

  • Was the $50 million investment worth it?
  • What was the ROI?
  • Did they get new customers from this activity?
  • Why do we no longer see commercials or magazine ads promoting the new gtlds?

Personally, I thought 1and1.com’s ad was a clever mainstream method to socialize the new gtlds with a broad audience. I expected others to follow suit, but that didn’t happen as far as I’m aware.

Looking back and seeing the current domain climate of new gtld adoption, 1and1.com may have been a bit too early for such an investment. Of course, it’s always easier to see things well after the fact.

The question remains: Has 1and1.com pulled the plug on the new gtlds and will others follow suit?

To get a grasp of where 1and1.com is today with new gtlds, I ventured over to 1and1.com.

There is no visible mention of the new gtlds in sight, excluding the link when one hovers over the “Domain Names” selection in the main menu.

1and1.com domain names

In fact, 1and1.com has a big .com sign next to their domain search field (see above).

This has me thinking they’ve long waved the white flag on the new domain extensions, but I could be dead wrong on this one.  Makes you wonder though, right?

In closing and more importantly, is this the year for new gtlds to go mainstream, or is more time needed? I’m not certain that it is the year for gtlds.

What are your thoughts about the new gtld market, and when will acceptance happen?

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.