GoDaddy Developer Portal & Auction API

How to Login to GoDaddy’s Developer Portal

A few weeks ago, you may recall I shared that GoDaddy added “Watcher” data to buy-it-now and closeout expired domain auctions.

No sooner than I shared my finding with the domain community, Andrew Allemann wrote an article expressing his concern and hopes that GoDaddy would NOT add watcher data to entire aftermarket platform.

And what a stirring of emotion both articles tapped into with an outpouring cry of dissatisfaction from the domain community about GoDaddy’s beta testing of such a feature.

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But one of the comments from Andrew’s article left by Jamie Zoch peaked my interest.

As you can read below in the image, Jamie makes mention of building a personalized “Watch Tool” with GoDaddy’s API to avoid tipping off other domain investors and buyers of extremely undervalued expired domains flying under the radar.

Preoccupied juggling a number of projects, GoDaddy’s Auction API has slipped off my radar, yet I’m grateful Jamie’s comment brought it back into my foresight.

And following my inquisitive comment, you soon discover GoDaddy denied API access to the general public while they revamp for a new and improve API.

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Unfortunately, this denied API access by GoDaddy limits the number of folks with the capability of building a custom “watch tool” to keep others from sniping much desired expired domains once in buy-it-now and closeout status.

Interestingly enough, Jamie’s reminder brought back to memory that I had long possessed access credentials.  At one time, I had grand and great plans for utilizing the GoDaddy API to build a number of auction tools.

Yet like with anything in life, those grand dreams and their priority have long since fell by the wayside for pressing issues and needs to be solved and meet.

Talk about perfect timing! Most of my consulting projects slow quite a bit at the end and beginning of a year.

I’m afforded free cycles to tool around with personal projects, especially automation projects to enhance the manner in which I live life effectively and efficiently.

And so begin the journey to get re-acclimated with GoDaddy’s Auction API. For starters, I searched and searched from old emails to retrieve credentials and documentation for GoDaddy’s existing developer portal.

In short, I was suppose to login to GoDaddy’s Developer Portal using my existing account credentials to create keys necessary to access GoDaddy’s Auction API, which I had access to prior to GoDaddy restricting access.

Nevertheless, I attempted to login to the Developer Portal only to be met with a login redirection loop upon each login attempt.

I was certain I had the correct login information as I was able to login to view my GoDaddy services and account information.

I tried changing my password several times as well as creating a new Developer Portal account without successful login entry.

Hmm… so what exactly could be the issue? 🤨

Well, long story short, there appears to be a web browser caching glitch with GoDaddy’s Developer Portal login screen that causes redirects.

Unfortunately, I didn’t care to clear my chosen web browser’s cache. However, another option is to use a incognito web browser window.

When using a Chrome or Firefox incognito web browser experience, you’re able to successfully login to the Developer Portal without issue (as shown in my tutorial video below).

Nevertheless, I was able to gain access to the Developer Portal API and the existing GoDaddy Auction API.

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I’m over the moon with all the opportunity that lies before me to automate and improve my domain investing efficiency via GoDaddy’s Aftermarket platform.

I’ll hope to add a few features in the coming week aimed at *silently* providing my newsletter subscribers with timely and greater insight to undervalued aftermarket auctions.

If you haven’t already, then I encourage you to sign up so that you’ll be the first to know!

Let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy the tutorial. That’s all for now!

Watch Detailed Video Tutorial

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.