Domain Auctions Ending 6/27/2016

Well, it’s Monday! I’m back in the saddle for another fun week of expired domain auctions bidding.

Speaking of bidding, a few weeks back I told you I had a few domain sales close to closing. Well, they all went cold.

Actually, one of the domains was reasonably priced at $1,300 with a 12-month payment plan. The business owner didn’t want to budge on the 8 character two-word domain. No worries though. I’ll renew and hold it for another 5 years, Lord willing.

I do have a bid on a 3-word geo service .com domain. I’ll let you know how negotiations on it turn out this week. Quite possibly a quick flip, but I don’t want to count my chickens before the eggs hatch.

It’s hard to believe that half of 2016 is almost in the books at the end of this week, and we start the second half.

As each day passes, we’re getting closer and closer to meeting our baby girl. Less than two weeks now.

One reminder that we’re getting closer is that we celebrated boy #2’s birthday this past weekend at Kiddie Acres. He’s such a joy and gift to have and be around. So calm and observes quite a bit. My wife and I are grateful for him and all that he brings to our family.

Well, I’ve got to get this day started. Best wishes with bidding should you decide to do so, and don’t forget to review the domain and hosting specials below.

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Domaining News

In domaining news, here’s what you’ll want to read and know about:

That’s all for today. Let’s move onto today’s domain auctions.

Domain Auctions Ending Today:

As usual, click domains to view their respective auction pricing and details. – Internet-Of-Things Ops – Stocking faster than a fox. – Land your next talent agency gig with an ad. – It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost been a decade since the beginning of the first domino to topple in the Great Recession. Are we back on the same path? Data says we are… but when will it topple??? That’s the question. Will you be ready? – Another name for it is Toastmasters. I like better, but that’s just me. – Names says it time to get your learn and tutor on. – This was and Both used different names to disguise the truth. 😉 – Anything with the stock market and traders is likely to fly high late in the auction. – This will be the next mass exodus for those in overly populated cities wanting a change of pace and life. – All aboard??? Last call for love! – It’s all about kicking butt and taking names like a fitness samurai, and looking good the entire time while doing it. 😉 – Rate comparison for power and utility companies??? – Share the latest CAD tips, tricks, and insight about modern design. and – Get’em both. Lately, “buzz” domains have been flying off the rack like crazy. I can’t figure out what all the buzz is about such domains, but there is one! 😉

Additional domain auctions worth considering:

6N and 7N auctions holding their own today:

A decent list of geo-related and geo service domains available today:

A few one word domains available for bid branding:

Not much going on in the 4L and 5L auctions today that caught my eye:

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