Is it effective to buy website traffic?This is the question that most small business owners, desperately looking to increase their website traffic, want to know before they buy website traffic.

As it pertains to the web, most of the time, some would say the shortest path to success, fortune and riches is to buy website traffic.

Today I’ll share with you what signs to look for when you go to buy website traffic.

We’ll briefly cover how adhering to those signs can provide for an effective experience, and more importantly, a profitable experience that does not negatively impact your search rankings but increases search rankings.

The shortest path to instant traffic success at a reduced cost

When first launching a website and trying to generate traffic to it, most small business owners look to buy website traffic as their main source of traffic.

Buy website traffic to get more customers.For small business owners looking to increase web traffic for an existing website, there is also a common thought to buy website traffic to take the shortest path to high-volume traffic while controlling cost.

There are troves of companies offering a wide range of opportunities to buy website traffic.

Some of the companies offer cheap website traffic buys, starting as low as $2-3 per 1,000 visitors.

Other companies offer a per visitor click or charge based on a keyword or keyword phrase, also known as pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

When comparing the costs of traditional marketing and other internet marketing, the cost to buy website traffic appears nominal at a glance.

There is definitely a lower barrier to entry in buying website traffic in terms of getting started, setup and instantly receiving traffic. Plus, there are less people and moving pieces which somewhat lowers your traffic cost.

The time it takes to buy website traffic and receive traffic to your website is a small fraction of the time and cost it takes to setup billboard ads, yellow page ads, newspaper ads, and search engine optimization to just name a few of the many time intensive marketing and advertising avenues.

Buying website traffic, depending on the service provider, can give you an opportunity to be agile in your marketing and advertising until you find the most cost-effective, results-driven tactic and strategy to best meet your needs.

Why business owners choose to buy website traffic

Results for buying website traffic tend to be all over the place depending upon the industry your business finds itself in.

The opportunity to generate substantial amounts of traffic at nominal cost leads most small business owners to buy website traffic.

Buy website traffic when there is not enough time.For small business owners that lack the time to invest in search-safe link building, social media, high-quality content marketing, or do-it-yourself SEO, buying website traffic seems like the no-brainer thing to do.

Run a few searches on any search engine for website traffic buys, buying website traffic or synonymous terms, and everyone and their grandmother seem to esteem the results of those who buy website traffic.

Buying website traffic really seems like the sound thing to do for those lacking time or the knowledge to devote to elsewhere.

Think about it, you find a web company that can provide you hundreds or thousands of leads per day, and you’ll be rich should you convert 1-2%, right?

Well, I wish it were that easy to buy website traffic, and just watch the money and conversions roll in.

Traffic buying for websites can be quite expensive short and long term, yet provide little to no tangible results as marketed.

The truth is that buying website traffic can be a costly nightmare when buying from the wrong sources.

Buy website traffic from sources that offer targeted real human audiences

Everyone knows that consistently buying website traffic can add up financially and get deep into your back pocket.

What you may not know is that buy the wrong type of website traffic can add up and severely damage your website’s search credibility and search rankings.

If you are not diligent in understanding and comprehending the nuances when buying website traffic, then you are simply throwing money down the drain.

Not only are you wasting time and money, but you might as well take a trip to Vegas and push all the chips to the center of the craps table, or simply set fire to your marketing and advertising budget and expect nothing in return.

Buy website traffic that is real and not fake.Be sure to target your audience when buying website traffic and focus on targeted real human traffic looking to buy what it is your business offers.

Don’t buy website traffic from traffic wholesalers that push non-human traffic of any sort, deceptive human interaction leading to click fraud, or redirect traffic from expired domains.

Buying website traffic from these sources can unleash search engine penalties on your website for inorganic and deceptive traffic building tactics and strategies.

As a side note, be aware of websites that offer advertising based on traffic. Sometimes the owners of the websites deceptively participate in buying website traffic to boost their traffic numbers.

They do willingly buy cheap website traffic so that they can charge premium rates, yet pay pennies on the dollar for bottom of the barrel website traffic.

At the end of the day, they are not concerned with traffic converting for their advertisers as much as they are just driving high-volume traffic to their websites. The higher their traffic numbers, the more money they can charge for banner ads and the likes.

So keep this in mind when you go to research web traffic sources and buy website traffic. If you feel suspicious about the traffic source you’re about to buy, I encourage you to read our post on how buying website traffic can be a web of deception in itself.

Companies offering website traffic should not take your money, nor should you offer it, without detailed proof of traffic they provide.

For buying website traffic to be effective and worth your time and investment, you want and should expect to buy web traffic from a source that can provide in great detail targeted, real human traffic.

In closing, identifying sources that offer targeted real human traffic, like traffic provided by Google and Facebook PPC advertising to name a few, is the only way to go for it to be effective when buying website traffic.


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.