An interesting GoDaddy API bug checking emoji domain availability

UPDATE 06/15/2017 6:16PM CST: GoDaddy has responded to my initial incident ticket confirming that my tests/findings are indeed a bug that they are working diligently to remedy. Stay tuned for more info to come.
UPDATE 07/04/2017: GoDaddy Settles for Buggy API.


Well, it’s Thursday, and it’s time to release the weekly list of available emoji domains.

If you’re clueless, then yes emoji domains are a thing, quite a HOT  thing too!  They’ve caught 🔥  in the last year and especially the last 6-7 months.

Everyone from independent consultants to churches to small businesses to conglomerates and everything in between are purchasing and garnering increased exposure using emoji domains.  Emoji domain future looks quite bright although ICANN thinks differently.

Nevertheless, I work diligently to assemble a weekly list of anywhere from 20-40 random emoji domains, informing and assisting the masses (that’s you!) in experiencing a taste of what is to become a marketing phenomenon (if not already).

Assembling this weekly list has been helpful to quite a few individuals, hobbyists, companies, and domain investors although it’s becoming a bit more time consuming.

Because of the time it takes to search by hand and increasing popularity of the lists, I finally reached a breaking point to invest a bit of time and lean on my software development skills reclaim my precious list prep time.  Let’s get to work! ⚙

Finally, an emoji domain API to the rescue

I originally tried using the API presented by i❤️.ws, but never could get it to work for whatever reason. For now, let’s just say it’s user error (which is likely the case).

Nevertheless, I was reminded of GoDaddy’s API when I was searching my inbox for a specific email unrelated to emoji domains.

It was then I stumbled across my GoDaddy API credentials. I ventured over to GoDaddy’s API Dev website and uncovered the API method for checking single and bulk domain registration.

At last, I’ve found the technical answer to solve all my emoji domain problems. Within minutes of discovering the exact API methods, I was able to successfully query a few domains (see below).

GoDaddy API - Verify Domain Availability

And just when I thought I could celebrate…

My sample .com domain names used to check domain availability via the API were correct, but when I attempted to check emoji domains using the .ws extension via the API…

HOUSTON, we have a problem! 

I attempted to check a .ws emoji domain name I own and developed a website for: i❤️

GoDaddy API - I❤️


GoDaddy API -

After nearly passing out seeing the domain I own was available (see images above where available is true), it didn’t take long to discover using GoDaddy’s API to check .ws extensions is useless.

But then again, just maybe I screwed something up, right?

Well, I tried two known emoji domain registration websites using or redirecting emoji domains themselves: I❤️.ws and 😜🏹.ws.

If you haven’t experienced both, then I invite you into the emoji domain madness.

From both terminal and web web browser, executing the API method for domain availability showed both domains to be available as well as an error for .ws.

That’s weird to show both available, and surely that can’t be the case, right?

My first thought was maybe GoDaddy’s API is only good for checking .com domains. I then checked a few .net and .org domains I own, all was well showing that both were indeed not available for registration.

Then I got creative, deciding to check another domain name and extension I knew was registered: Well, it shows up correctly as registered and not available (false).

So as you can see, something fishy is going on with GoDaddy’s API when attempting to check the availability of emoji domains.

Again, it could be me and I’m willing to admit that I didn’t read ALL of the documentation in its entirety.

Nevertheless, I reported to the GoDaddy API development team and will patiently await their response.

In the meantime though, back on the manual grind of slaving to discover available emoji domains and do check out my weekly available emoji domains for registration listings. ✌️

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.