Domain Auctions Ending 7/7/2016

Well, we now have a beautiful baby girl and are a family of five. My wife was amazing throughout and is progressing quite well with recovery.

It wasn’t the day that we chose for her, but God chose it for her and I’m fine with that.

She and her older brother now share a special day with one other. She came into this world and he marked two years yesterday.

We are now a blessed family of 5, and life couldn’t be better although I know that many more blessings await us.

I’m going to get back to the family, but wanted you to know that we wait no longer for our baby girl.

Thank you all for your prayers, best wishes and support! See you around…

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Domaining News

In domaining news, here’s what you’ll want to read and know about:

That’s all for today. Let’s move onto today’s domain auctions.

Domain Auctions Ending Today:

As usual, click domains to view their respective auction pricing and details. – A long 3-word .net, but the right 3 words. If not a company, then definitely a domain for a blogger focused on strategic digital marketing. – Sounds like a place to buy cigar boxes or a cigar shop in general. Short and easy to remember 2-word domain. – Anything with “Forex” in the domain just bids high, the end. – Just one more domain to add to the growing number of ride share companies. Personally, I’d be apt to use this domain as a redirect only because the average American may misspell concierge. – A full-fledge tickets website like or, or this domain could be branded as a discount ticket or ticket swap service. – Because I spend quite a bit of time tending to my yard, I couldn’t let this .us pass me by. Great for a US-based company although I would prefer to own the .com if I were to use the .us. – A bit long, but this 3-word .com domain says exactly what it does, rather what you can expect to receive when you arrive. – Security and Safety are a big billion dollar industries. This domain could be a product, service or solutions. – or would be my choice. However, this 3-word domain is a great candidate for domain redirection and type-in traffic, assuming the term “virtual call centers” is highly searched.

Additional domain auctions worth considering bidding on:

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Some very good undervalued geo-related and geo service domain auctions to keep an eye on today:

A decent list of numeric domain auctions:

Just a handful of one word brandable domain auctions to choose from:

A decent list of 4L .net and .com domains with one 5L .net to choose from:

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.