Comparable Domains Sold Data Added to Landing Pages for Closeout Auctions

A few weeks ago, I shared some thoughts pertaining to GoDaddy making strides updating the user experience for auction landing pages.

I recently discovered another intriguing feature recently added to auction landing pages for GoDaddy Closeout Auctions.

While researching and assembling the weekly Domain Gems Ending Auction listings for the week, I discovered GoDaddy’s landing page for closeout auctions now displaying data resembling that of real estate properties: “Comparable domains sold”.

Although not the exact domain I was researching at the time, the “Comparable domains sold” table is displayed below the number of Visits and Estimated Value (as shown in image), and in the Appraisal section too.

GoDaddy Auction Landing Page - Buy-It-Now Closeouts

As you can see viewing the auction landing page for closeout domain, it has the following 3 comparable domains sold:

  • – $1,000
  • – $2,464
  • – $1340

Although good information to report, I personally believe each comparable domain’s sold date should be displayed too. Maybe even display the type of sales transaction — private, Afternic, Sedo, etc.

In addition, it would be good to view comparable domains within the same extension. I could see buyers attempting to use comparable domains of a different extension as a way to lower the purchase prices of a non-matching extension.

For persons wondering, the “Comparable domains sold” table is displayed only on closeout auctions and not expiring auctions — which displays “Bid History” box instead of the “Comparable domains sold” table.

GoDaddy Auction Landing Page - Expired Auctions

GoDaddy likely stands to benefit greatly by prominently displaying the “Comparable domains sold” table via expiring and closeout auction landing pages.

In addition, I also discovered the same comparable domains sold data displayed via the GoDaddy Domain Appraisals tool as shown when I searched

GoDaddy Domain Appraisal Tool

Clicking the question mark to the right of “Why this is valuable” text displays GoDaddy’s explanation for why a given domain could be assessed a certain valuation:

We use our exclusive algorithm that combines machine learning with years of real market sales data, to create a rock-solid starting point for future sales, trades or negotiations. This information is based on quantitative data that we’ve compiled from our experience as the world’s largest domain registrar.

Clicking the “See more” link scrolls the page to display additional comparable domains sold as shown in the image below.

GoDaddy More Comparable Domains Sold Data

Final Thoughts About GoDaddy’s Comparable Domains Sold Data

Appreciative of the strides made by GoDaddy to seamlessly streamline its auction user experience, I have mixed feelings about the comparable domains sold data.

Why? Well, I’m not certain GoDaddy’s exclusive algorithm considers the variability in wholesale (domain investors) and retail (end-user personalities and brands) values for domains.

I strongly believe the “who” behind the purchase of a domain can determine and greatly sway a given domain’s valuation.

What are your thoughts about the addition of comparable domains sold data to landing pages for closeout auctions?

Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.