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I happened to visit Register.To today to tidy up my account a bit in regards to ensuring renewal notifications are enabled and all payment information is up to date.

As I was just about to login form the home page, I noticed red text that read the following: Premium Domain Sale!

Register.To Slashes Premium Domain Prices

I don’t know how long Register.To’s Premium Domain Sale has been active, but I do know this offer ends June 14, 2018.

So, if you’re in the market for a few decent one to two-word .TO premium domains, then I encourage you to visit the link below to take advantage of 50% OFF promo code.

Although not the full list of available Premium .TO domains, below are a few domains that caught my eye:

  • Accountant.to
  • Hurt.to
  • Chiro.to
  • Over.to
  • Vegan.to
  • Mining.to
  • HelpDesk.to
  • Meds.to
  • Drake.to
  • Fishing.to

To take advantage of 50% OFF Premium .TO Domains before this offer ends, visit Register.To and use the promo code 50PREMIUM when checking out.

Best wishes, and that’s all for now!

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