Update: GoDaddy WHOIS verification and GoDaddy phishing email scam

It’s been a fun-filled week of many activities both on professional and personal levels. I’ve accomplished much, yet have a ways to go with my personal projects as well as customer projects.

Update: GoDaddy WHOIS verification and GoDaddy phishing email scamHowever, a good portion of this week has been keeping a watchful eye on the GoDaddy WHOIS verification and GoDaddy phishing email scam.

If you’re in the dark and confused as to what I’m referencing, I encourage to you read our post on the ICANN verification process, and how your business can and will be impacted by it should you ignore it.

That said, I’m glad to report that my domain auto-renewals seem to be back to normal.  Also, I have not received a fake or phishing GoDaddy verification email.

But I’m not sure that we’re out of the woods yet on this. I’m still going to log in each morning until I feel at ease that all is well with the GoDaddy domain auto renewal system.

As for the WHOIS verification process, a little more information is coming to light about how to successfully update and verify domains with the “Pending WHOIS verification” status.

Change your email address if you don’t receive verification email

As of late, I had a handful of domains with different email addresses with a status listed as “Pending WHOIS verification”.

With each domain, I tried the process of going into the Domain Settings and clicking the Resend button located in the Manage Nameservers section.

And guess what happened? NOTHING, I never received the GoDaddy verification email although I was alerted that the email had been sent.

The original email addresses on file for the domains span from hotmail.com to gmail.com to yahoo.com email addresses as well as a few GoDaddy sponsored email addresses. I clicked the resend button each time and checked each email address’ spam box.

Frustrated, I tried again multiple times with each domain, and I never received the verification email from GoDaddy to any of the email addresses. Now this is where things get interesting.

I didn’t find domain verification success until I begin to update the contact information, mainly the email address with a different email address.

Once I updated the email address to the a new email address and submitted changes, I then waited roughly 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes passed, I performed the process of resending the verification email address, and what do you know, I received the verification email.

I did verify to make sure the verification email was legit and from GoDaddy. After clicking the link and waiting for 15 or so minutes, the status on my domains were updated and set to Active.

Atlas, I’m home free for at least one year from this verification process without losing a domain.

Keep your contact information updated to stay in compliance with ICANN, or else…

Unlike some domain owners, I’m very fortunate to have not lost one domain throughout this monumental fiasco.

I feel for the business owners who have not a clue about the verification process and may lose their domain due to in action and ineffective communication on GoDaddy’s behalf.

GoDaddy can definitely stand to improve their verification process both in email communications as well as their internal system for managing this process to limit the risk of phishing scams, losing domains, and service disruptions due to domains being dropped.

If there is one lesson to take from this, it’s to consistently check your account, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

In addition, keep your contact information up to date. If you don’t, you’re only asking for the costly lesson of a lifetime in losing your domain.


Written by Alvin Brown
He's an experienced and passionate serial entrepreneur, founder and publisher of Kickstart Commerce. Alvin possesses a great love for startups dominating their market using profitable digital strategies for greater commerce.